Czechoslavokian-born tennis star Hana Mandlikova and her father have different opinions on which country she will be representing at this summer's Olympic Games in Seoul.

According to her father, Mandlikova, who became an Australian citizen Friday, will play for Czechoslovakia in the Games.

But Mandlikova, who is the world's fifth-ranked woman tennis player, told journalists in Brisbane, Australia, Friday that her 10-year career representing Czechoslovakia is over and that she wants "to win a gold medal for Australia."

Vilem Mandlik told the Associated Press in a telephone interview that his daughter had signed an agreement with the head of Czechoslovakian sports, Antonin Himl, to play for Czechoslovakia in the Olympics.

"She is sure to play the Olympics for Czechoslovakia . . . what will come afterward is another matter," Mandlik said. He said Mandlikova, 25, and Himl had come to an understanding. "She promised and that's 100 percent {assurance}, if I know her well."

Mandlikova married Czechoslovakian-born Australian Jan Sedlak during the 1986 Federation Cup tournament in Prague.

In Brisbane, top-seeded Pam Shriver defeated West German Claudia Khode-Kilsch, 6-4, 6-0, to advance to the final of a $162,000 tournament.

Shriver, who needed just 55 minutes to win, will face 11th-seeded Jana Novotna of Czechoslovakia in Sunday's final. Novotna beat unseeded Californian Patty Fendick, 7-5, 6-1.

Shriver, 25, qualified for her 39th singles final with a faultless serve-and-volley display. She ended a competitive first set against Khode-Kilsch with an ace and then raced to victory in the second set, losing only five points in the final six games.