There were highs and lows during the New Year's Day bowl fest, which, for the first time, featured six games. Here's a brief look at the best and worst of it all:

Best Analyst: The envelope is empty.

Worst Analyst (tie): NBC's Jimmy Cefalo, NBC's Bob Trumpy, NBC's Merlin Olsen, ABC's Bob Griese, ABC's Lynn Swann, CBS' Pat Haden.

Longest Halftime Show: The Orange Bowl, 34 minutes.

Worst Halftime Show: The Rose Bowl, which had the Southern Cal marching band playing the theme from "Beverly Hills Cop 2." Honorable mention: the Orange Bowl, which had a never-ending salute to various cities through song.

Whether You're Using New Math or Old Math, It Doesn't Add Up: Early in the Florida Citrus Bowl, ABC's Gary Bender described a "34-yard pickup" by Clemson from its 44-yard line to the Penn State 31.

The Surest Way to Make It Onto a New Year's Day Telecast: There was a Southern Cal theme throughout the day. The Trojans were in the Rose Bowl, and two USC alums appeared as analysts -- CBS' Haden on the Cotton Bowl and ABC's Swann on the Florida Citrus Bowl. Neither the team nor its ex-stars had a particularly good day.

Best Postgame Interview: ABC's Mike Adamle with Auburn Coach Pat Dye, who said he would've gone for the win instead of the tie if he had not gotten two bad calls from the officials early in the second half.

Worst Postgame Interview: Adamle with Syracuse Coach Dick MacPherson. Adamle had difficulty thinking of questions, and when he did think of them, they came out as incomprehensible sentence fragments.

We Apparently Have Not Reached the Age of Enlightenment: NBC's Don Criqui, explaining a Miami personal foul: "No one ever said this was a gathering of Eagle Scouts here. You've got a lot of hombres who play tough, hard football."