This isn't a trickle. This isn't a stream. This is a flood. And it may flood us all the way to a Children's Hospital fund-raising record.

Back on Nov. 30, at the beginning of our annual campaign, I hoped fervently for more group donations in 1987-88 than ever before. Every hope should come as true. Group givers seem to be responding to my call with a gush.

Here are some of the groups whose dollars have recently floated in, and who deserve great gratitude:

Student Government Association, Roger B. Taney Middle School, Temple Hills ($100).

Members, Communications Workers of America Local 2108 ($1,408.50).

Employes, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce ($295).

Division of Coal Mine Workers' Compensation, Department of Labor ($40.31).

Transportation Department, American Red Cross ($200).

Employes of the Weekly Messenger ($50).

Fourth graders at Stenwood School, Vienna ($200.09 raised at a charity ball).

Members, Joint Data Systems Support Center, Resource Monitoring Branch (C323), Defense Communications Agency ($1,441).

Wanderlust Travel Club ($105).

Nuclear Discipline, Bechtel Eastern Power Company, Gaithersburg ($185).

Friendly Clifton Bridge Club ($112).

Greenbelt Post No. 136, The American Legion ($500).

Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative Association ($25).

Holland Point Citizens Association ($492.50).

Headquarters, U.S. Air Force, Security Assistance Division ($100).

Employes of Advintech Corporation ($120).

The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc., Rockville ($25 in honor of the boss, Joseph G. Valentino).

Rental Assistance Staff, Department of Housing and Community Development, Prince George's County Government ($105).

Dr. Hub and The Caps from Lake Braddock Secondary School ($63.50 from a caroling outbreak).

Ladies Auxiliary to Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. District Heights-Forestville Memorial Post No. 482 ($50).

Vonnie Kane's childbirth class ($23).

Grady Management, Inc., Silver Spring ($3,814 on behalf of "all the residents").

The Washington office of Popham, Haik, Schnobrich & Kaufman ($300 in lieu of exchanging Christmas gifts).

The staff, Information, Technology and Facilities Department, The World Bank ($348).

The staff, Office of International Visitors, U.S. Information Agency ($740).

Local 2395, Communications Workers of America ($500).

Franklin Farm Office, Shannon & Luchs, Herndon ($240).

The Bon Tons Club ($100).

Employes, Office of Graphics Research, National Park Service ($100).

Management Consulting & Research, Inc., Falls Church ($960, half from the company, half from the employes).

Office of Financial Administrative Management, Employment and Training Administration, U.S. Department of Labor ($204 left over in the Christmas party fund).

Charles Whitfield's sixth graders, Weyanoke Elementary School, Alexandria ($174.40).

History department, National Cathedral School ($20).

Military Studies and Analysis Division, Joint Data Systems Support Center ($87).

MUMPS Users' Group, College Park ($100).

Branch of Eastern Technical Reports, U.S. Geological Survey, Reston ($80).

The Reunion Company, Rockville ($30).

Cub Scout Pack 1383 ($25).

Pat Henneberry and the students of The Creative Keyboard ($50).

The George Hyman Construction Co., Bethesda (a luscious $7,000).

Staff members, Joint Committee on Taxation ($295).

Harr Bible Class, College Park United Methodist Church ($100).

The meat room, Giant Food store No. 50, White Oak ($125).

Clinton Boys Club 95-pound football team ($100).

Employes of Arlington Printers & Stationers ($300).

General Repair Services, Inc., Beltsville ($250).

Emerald Society, D.C. Fire Department ($100).

The staff of Rural America ($50).

E-Systems, Inc., Melpar Division (a wonderful $7,619.02, the largest donation of the campaign so far).

The children at John E. Howard Elementary School, Capitol Heights ($191.65).

Aranda, Annapolis ($55).

Boy Scout Troop 660, Falls Church ($45 in honor of scoutmaster Steve Tracy).

Virginia Department of Social Services, Northern Virginia Regional Office ($65).

The staff, National Economic Research Associates ($90).

Members of the Metsat Project, Goddard Space Flight Center ($300).

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 86, Rockville ($190).

Suitland Office employes, Sovran Bank ($33).

Ton Lauth's sixth grade class in room 20, Oaklands Elementary School, Laurel ($33.61).

Employes of the Office of Workforce Information, Office of Personnel Management ($56.31, the 11th consecutive gift from this group).

Office of the Comptroller, U.S. Information Agency ($450).

Employes of Ford Motor Company, Washington Affairs, Governmental Relations Staff ($180).

Mount Olivet United Methodist Men ($100).

The staff, American Gas Association ($345).

Headquarters staff, Office of Inspector General, Department of Housing and Urban Development ($160).

Friendship Riley Sunday School class, Salem Baptist Church, Fredericksburg ($25).

Mortgage Funding Corporation, Falls Church ($480).

Oak Street and Florence Way families, Herndon ($42).

Patrons and employes, Quarry House, Silver Spring ($100).

Sam's Lunch Bunch at the Bull and Bear ($325).

Georgetown University Law Library staff ($130.31).

Colmar Manor Post 131, The American Legion ($100).

The roller skaters of Braxton Road, Chantilly ($11.62, with thanks to Marie Norman, Laura Short, Kristine Slichter, Karen Short, Kristi Conklin and Kim Kelly).

Cabane 934 de Virginie ($25).

The Metro Barber Stylists Inc. of Southwest ($100).

Builder Services Division, Perpetual Mortgage Company ($115).

On Line Computer Systems Inc., Germantown ($1,644, half from the corporate coffers, half from the employes).

Colony House, Arlington ($31 in memory of Fern Gembol).


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.