If St. Louis Cardinals Manager Whitey Herzog has his way, Bob Horner will not play for the team this season.

Horner, the former Atlanta slugger who played in Japan last season, is considering returning to the U.S. major leagues. One of the teams that has expressed interest in signing him is St. Louis, which just lost power hitter Jack Clark to the New York Yankees as a free agent.

It appears no one in the Cardinals' front office consulted Herzog, however.

"I don't like Horner," Herzog told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Of his lifetime homers, about 70 percent were hit in Atlanta. He never could hit in St. Louis. He can't hit and he can't field."

Horner made about $2 million playing for the Yakult Swallows last season and the club has offered him $3 million to play another season. Herzog said Horner is seeking a three-year contract with the Cardinals worth $1.4 million a year . . .

Meanwhile, of the six free agent pitchers who were required to make a decision on settling with their teams before the midnight deadline last night, only John Candelaria of the New York Mets had not announced his decision as the deadline neared.

Of the other five, Atlee Hammaker re-signed with the San Francisco Giants; Dave Smith, Danny Darwin and Larry Andersen re-signed with Houston and the New York Yankees' Bill Gullickson announced he would accept a two-year, $3.3 million contract with the Tokyo Giants.