The Philadelphia 76ers have fined forward Charles Barkley $3,000, apparently as a result of his criticism of teammates and an incident with a front-row fan in Boston, according to a report.

Team spokesman Dave Coskey said the 76ers would not comment on the story in the Philadelphia Daily News, as "fines are considered a private matter between the ballplayer and the club."

Dec. 29, Barkley was ejected from a game against the Los Angeles Lakers that the 76ers lost by 16. Afterward, Barkley referred to the 76ers as "a bad team" and said "unless we play a perfect game, we can't win, and that's a bad situation to be in."

Dec. 20 in Boston, during a game in which the 76ers trailed by as many as 49 points, Barkley came to the bench during a timeout, stepped hard on a folding chair and inadvertently sent it clattering toward the front row of fans. When a female fan protested, Barkley responded with an expletive.

Barkley said of the fine, "I realize I deserve it," but added that he plans to appeal . . .

Hundreds in Baton Rouge, La., heard Pete Maravich eulogized as a man whose evangelical Christian zeal surpassed his love for the sport in which he was a superstar.

"His last 45 minutes on this earth were spent at a church, playing basketball, which seems rather fitting," said Dr. James Dobson, who was with Maravich when the basketball legend died of heart failure Tuesday at 40 in California.

The funeral was at First Baptist Church of Baton Rouge, not far from the Louisiana State University campus where he performed his unique brand of athletic showmanship from 1968 until 1970, when he moved on to a 10-year professional career and the Hall of Fame.