LAKE FOREST, ILL., JAN. 11 -- Coach Mike Ditka of the Chicago Bears and defensive end Dexter Manley of the Washington Redskins still are feuding -- even after the Bears lost to the Redskins in their NFC semifinal game Sunday.

Manley acted disgracefully during the playing of the national anthem before the game, Ditka said Monday.

"It was a disgrace," he fumed. "If that's all the respect he has for his country. . . You learn in the fifth grade how to act during the national anthem. He was running up and down the sidelines and had his head in the heater. And I'm crazy for inciting him."

After the game, Manley called the Bears "an arrogant bunch of jerks." He pointed at Ditka several times during the game.

"They overlooked us, they don't respect us and that's why we won," Manley said. "You can print that in Chicago, because everyone should know. They're an arrogant team. Because they have been successful, they get carried away. They think they can win by just showing up. It should have calmed down by now. If they don't realize what's happened to them, then their elevator isn't going to the top."

Before the game, Ditka said Manley has the "IQ of a grapefruit" and referred to him as "Sunkist" on the eve of the game.

Ditka didn't criticize only the Redskins. Although he vowed to be back next season, he said some of his players might not be.

He said he'd be glad to trade wide receiver Dennis McKinnon and linebacker Otis Wilson, both of whom have criticized Ditka recently. "I don't think they're very happy," Ditka said.

After the Bears' second playoff loss to the Redskins in as many years, McKinnon said Ditka's play calling "didn't make sense" and the Bears would be better off with quarterback Jim McMahon calling plays.

"I just have no desire to call plays anymore," Ditka responded today. "We have so many experts in the world, in the media and the team. We're going to have you guys in the media call the first play of each quarter next season, all you noted geniuses. Then we'll have the players call the rest."