A grand jury in Montgomery, Ala., indicted former Atlanta sports agent Jim Abernethy, who has confirmed paying performance bonuses to Auburn defensive back Kevin Porter, attorney general Don Siegelman said.

The panel returned misdemeanor counts of tampering with a sports event, violating the deceptive practices act and commercial bribery, Siegelman said.

Siegelman said his office was doing everything it could "to get Jim Abernethy before a judge and jury," but prosecuting the case could be difficult because Abernethy lives in Georgia. . . .

University of Pittsburgh running back and 1987 Heisman Trophy finalist Craig (Ironhead) Heyward, who was arrested after scuffling with campus police investigating a shooting, said he was "just standing there" when he was poked in the back with a nightstick.

"I wasn't harassing anybody," said Heyward, who was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and released pending a court hearing later this week.

Heyward was at a fraternity dance where another Pittsburgh student, Andre Mullings, 19, was shot and wounded Sunday, police said. A suspect was arrested.

Heyward said he was among dozens of students watching police investigate the shooting.

Police said a fight began with Heyward when an officer placed a hand on the football player's back in an attempt to move him away from the scene. Heyward said he was poked in the back with a nightstick by an officer who then waved the stick in his face.

Heyward said he grabbed the nightstick after telling the officer to get it "out of my face."

No one was injured in the fight but an officer's eyeglasses were broken, police said.