The Washington Redskins replacement team did the union Redskins a favor earlier this season by winning all three games played during the NFL players strike.

The union team returned the favor Sunday.

With their 21-17 victory over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, the Redskins qualified for the NFC championship game this Sunday against Minnesota at RFK Stadium. By playing in that game, the Redskins and Vikings will receive $18,000 per man.

And the replacement players who were on the roster for all three strike games, even if they are no longer with the team, will receive $9,000.

According to the terms of the league's collective bargaining agreement, players who are on a team's roster for three to seven games receive half of the amount given to players from those teams who participate in the conference championship game and the Super Bowl. This rule applies to most Redskins replacement players.

Those who played in just one or two games and were released will not receive any money. The same is true for any player who is with a team that amount of time.

If the Redskins go to the Super Bowl and win, they will receive $36,000 per man. If they go to San Diego and lose, they will get $18,000. The replacements who played three games will get half of that amount, too.

So if Washington wins the Super Bowl, the replacements who left Redskin Park nearly three months ago will receive a bonus check of $27,000.

(The replacements did not receive any money for the NFC semifinal game at Chicago. The union Redskins made $10,000 for that game.)

With their upset win over San Francisco, the Vikings also guaranteed their replacement players who played all three games at least $9,000. The Vikings' nonunion team went 0-3, dropped the union Vikings from first place in the NFC Central and was considered one of the worst strike teams.