St. Louis Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill will notify the National Football League today if he is moving his team and where it will be relocated, a league spokesman said yesterday.

Either the league or Bidwill will make an announcement. Bidwill is likely to choose to move the franchise to Phoenix/Tempe, Ariz., where either he or his representatives have been negotiating much of the last two weeks. A complete letter of agreement with Arizona authorities does not have to be completed today.

Three years ago, Bidwill almost moved the franchise to Arizona but stayed in St. Louis at the last minute.

The other possibilities this time are the Cardinals remaining in St. Louis or relocating in Baltimore or Jacksonville, Fla. Baltimore had been considered the frontrunner until last week, when Bidwill began intense negotiations with Arizona officials. The Edelstein Pro Football Letter, a weekly newsletter, reported that Bidwill's wife told him during the holidays she preferred Phoenix.

Sources who have followed Bidwill's career say although all signs point to Phoenix, they would not be surprised at a different outcome. "He had everybody thinking it was Jim Sweeney the last time he was looking for a coach and Gene Stallings walked into the press conference," one source said.