The people who have watched the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings this season from broadcast booths, opposing sidelines or across the line of scrimmage have opinions on what to expect when the teams meet at 12:30 p.m. today at RFK Stadium for the NFC championship.

Dave Duerson, Chicago Bears, safety:

"The Vikings have more talent, especially on offense. If Darrell Green doesn't play, Anthony Carter will have a field day. I've played against {Carter} for nine years, going back to college {Duerson attended Notre Dame, Carter attended Michigan}. He's tough to cover. If Darrell isn't playing, the Vikings have a definite advantage.

"I would have thought that the Redskins had an advantage playing at home, but the Vikings have been winning on the road in the playoffs. The home field doesn't mean anything."

Hank Stram, CBS Radio:

"To be honest, the only time I saw the Redskins this year was when they lost to the Rams on a Monday night and also in one of the replacement games. I've seen the Vikings a few times and I've been impressed. Before the season started, I thought they would be an excellent team. They have very good balance, offensively and defensively. The amazing thing is that they put so much pressure on the quarterback with a four-man rush and seven players back.

"Green's injury will have an input because the Redskins have so much confidence in his ability to stop the opposing team's No. 1 receiver. But they have to be careful about changing their philosophy. They are basically a man-to-man team. They will mix it up, but their personality is man-to-man and I don't think they'll change too much. It's important that they neutralize Carter because he is such a dangerous receiver. If they can't, the Vikings have a good chance of winning this game."

Vic Rapp, Detroit Lions, running backs coach:

"It should be a heck of a game. The Vikings are hot and if they can sustain their level of play and not tighten up before the game, I think they will win. If they can make the big plays, they have a good shot. But if the Redskins can shut down Anthony Carter, along with the fact that they are playing at home, the Redskins should win it.

"{If Green does not play}, that's definitely a negative factor for the Redskins. I think you'll see them use a lot more zones because nobody can cover Carter {man to man} . . . I'll take the Vikings because they are hot."

Jay Hilgenberg, Chicago Bears, center:

"It could go either way. The Redskins have to be considered the favorite because they are playing at home. But in the playoffs, the Vikings have come out and played tough at the beginning and taken the crowd out of it. They went down to New Orleans and, except for that fumble on their first possession, they completely outplayed the Saints in the first half. {The Superdome} is a tough place to play. Then they won at San Francisco. So if Minnesota can get off to a good start, you never know what could happen."

John Madden, CBS commentator:

"I don't know what is going to happen. That's the great thing about it, you don't know. But I don't think because there have been two high-scoring games in the past year, it will be that way again."

Ed Jones, Dallas Cowboys, defensive end:

"You have two teams that are a lot alike. They both have good quarterbacks, they both have good wide receivers and they both can score a lot of points. Washington should win because {the Redskins} are at home. If the game was in Minnesota, I'd say Minnesota would win.

"The Vikings have two good quarterbacks. {Tommy} Kramer has been around a while and {Wade} Wilson is playing like a veteran so I don't think the playoff pressure will affect them. . . . The Redskins have shown a lot of confidence in Doug {Williams}. I can see that when they play. Some teams can't adapt to a quarterback change, but the Redskins have."

LeRoy Irvin, Los Angeles Rams, cornerback:

"When Washington lines up with Gary Clark, Art Monk and Ricky Sanders, that's one of the best group of receivers in the league. But with Monk out, that definitely hurts. Minnesota has some good receivers, too, but I don't think they are as top-notch as the Redskins'. Carter has good speed and quickness, and he adjusts well to the ball. But he's smaller than Monk and you don't have problems with the physical stuff with Carter. . . . If Carter puts on a show, the Vikings have a good chance of winning.

"I think the Redskins will win. I've always had an interest in them. When I was having some problems here, I wanted to play for them. I don't think I ever will because they have two great cornerbacks now. . . . I'll be rooting for them."

Scott Campbell, Atlanta Falcons, quarterback:

(Campbell had good games against both teams this season.) "The favorite would have to be the Redskins, the way they have played all year. But in the last two games, the Vikings have been great. I wouldn't be surprised if Minnesota won.

"Both defenses have four-man lines and, obviously, that changed our offensive attack when we played each team. Both do a good job putting pressure on the passer. The Vikings' key is their pass rush because the players in the secondary, besides Joey Browner, are not that great. But they play well together. The Redskins have a well-coached defense; they do their assignments. For some odd reason, I think the Vikings are going to win. They are playing so well. It's a gut feeling."

Staff writer Christine Brennan and special correspondent Steve Berkowitz contributed to this report.