Minnesota Vikings quarterback Wade Wilson sat out yesterday's brief workout at RFK Stadium with a "touch of the flu," but said he will start today's NFC championship game against Washington.

Wilson said he awoke feeling ill yesterday, though later in the afternoon he said: "I'm much better than I was before."

Wilson's voice was hoarse, but he said he shouldn't have any problem calling audibles.

Vikings running back Darrin Nelson also has the flu and skipped yesterday's 45-minute workout. He is expected to start, too. "I'm a little tired," Nelson said yesterday.

On the plus side, Wilson said he was "honored" to be named yesterday to CBS-TV's All-Madden team, bestowed by commentator John Madden only to players who -- for the most part -- get their jerseys dirty.

"Maybe I got picked because I block on reverses or tackle after interceptions or don't run out of bounds on scrambles," Wilson said.

Other than Wilson and Nelson, all the other Vikings practiced yesterday, including guard Greg Koch (sore back) and wide receiver Leo Lewis (slight thigh injury).

'A Good Guy'

Vikings defensive tackle Keith Millard is facing four misdemeanor counts for an altercation he had in a bar earlier this season. He allegedly pushed around three women and punched and headbutted a man. Millard, however, claims otherwise. He has said only one woman was involved and that there was no headbutt. Also, he has said he's pleased it's going to court, so he'll have an opportunity to tell his side of the story.

Some people might think Millard, a star on defense, is a little crazy, but teammate Tim Newton said this week: "He ain't crazy. He's got good damn sense. You {media} guys just think he's crazy. He gets anxious sometimes. Sometimes, he's in control, sometimes he ain't. But he's a good guy." . . .

Vikings defensive end Chris Doleman, who lines up against tackle Joe Jacoby today, has studied various tapes and says Jacoby sometimes "rocks" before the snap of the ball, especially when the defensive end takes an outside stance. In this season's previous meeting, Doleman stayed put whenever Jacoby rocked, when he could have charged the line, made contact and drawn an illegal procedure call against Jacoby.

If it happens today, Doleman says, "I'm gone."

Lynn's Leanings

Vikings General Manager Mike Lynn, on building a successful team: "The No. 1 important position on your team is your starting quarterback; the No. 2 position is your backup quarterback, and the No. 3 position is your third quarterback . . . You've got to think of your future."

That's why Lynn went out and traded for rookie quarterback Rich Gannon, who's supposedly the future of the team . . .

Another Lynn philosophy is to sign players for as little money as possible: "Any agent representing a Viking player does not want to deal with me," he said. " . . . Our drafted players are traditionally the lowest paid in every round and have been ever since I've been there and will be for perpetuity. That's the philosophy that I have -- sign a one-year contract and let's see what you can do . . .

"Listen, Jesse Solomon {a second-year linebacker} is the highest paid 12th round draft choice in the history of the NFL. He started out at $50,000, but he's making $250,000 in his second year. I know our system works. It's the best system . . ."