Wide receiver Art Monk, who missed the Washington Redskins' first two playoff games with a knee injury, told Coach Joe Gibbs yesterday he is ready to return to practice and probably will be back for the Super Bowl Jan. 31.

But that's the only significant personnel change Gibbs expects his team to make. Gibbs said he is not planning to replace kicker Ali Haji-Sheikh, who missed two of three field-goal attempts in the Redskins' 17-10 victory over Minnesota in the NFC championship game, nor does he anticipate another kicking competition between Haji-Sheikh and Jess Atkinson.

However, Gibbs would not completely rule out the possibility that Atkinson, who dislocated his left ankle Sept. 13, could be kicking against the Denver Broncos.

"There's a way {Atkinson could return} if I felt like that would be best for the team, but right now, if you asked me, my honest answer to that would be that we will start the way we did last week, with Ali in there," Gibbs said.

Quarterback Doug Williams said his injured shoulder was "just sore." Williams, hurt on a third-quarter run against Minnesota, is not listed on the team's injury report and did not require treatment.

When asked what he needed to get better, Williams said, "A couple day's rest."

The Redskins probably will be without injured long-snapper David Jones for the Super Bowl, Gibbs said. They expect to use defensive tackle Darryl Grant on placement snaps and center Jeff Bostic on punt snaps, as they did Sunday when Jones suffered a concussion and sprained neck. He is undergoing tests at Arlington Hospital.

Gibbs got his best news of the day when Monk went to his coach after a team meeting at Redskin Park and said he was ready to return to practice. Monk suffered a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament in his right knee Dec. 6 and missed the final three regular-season games and the Redskins' playoff victories at Chicago and against the Vikings.

"He said, 'I'm ready to go,' " Gibbs said. "That's what we were waiting on, particularly in his case, because he is very good about knowing when he is ready. I think he's ready to roar."

Monk, who has been running mostly on his own for the past two weeks, will rejoin the team when it returns to practice Thursday. The players will participate in workouts Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Redskin Park. They will take Sunday off and have a light practice Monday before boarding a charter flight for San Diego Monday evening, Gibbs said.

The Redskins still will not say for certain that Monk will be ready by the 6 p.m. kickoff of Super Bowl XXII, but they believe after a few practices, he will know.

"My gut feeling is that he will come to us after about three practices and say he can play in the game," said offensive assistant coach Dan Henning. "He's honest to a fault. He will tell us if he has to hold back at all. Last week, Art was concerned about the fact that if we activated him and he wasn't completely healthy, he could really hurt the team. But Art was very positive today. With two weeks to go, he feels he could be completely over it."

Monk could not be reached for comment.

If he plays, the Redskins would have "some maneuvering" to do to find a roster spot for him, Gibbs said. The odd man out at wide receiver could be Anthony Allen, who is the third receiver right now. Eric Yarber is the fourth-string receiver, but he also returns punts.

The Redskins would have an extra roster spot if they place Jones on injured reserve or the inactive list and return Grant and Bostic to their old snapping duties.

Monk missed the Redskins' only Super Bowl victory, after the 1982 season, with a broken foot. He suffered that injury against St. Louis, the same team the Redskins were playing when he injured his knee last month.

Otherwise, Gibbs is planning to stick with the starting lineup that won the NFC title, including running back George Rogers.

"Right now, everything's going to stay the way we have it," Gibbs said. "I think we'll look at a little bit of everything as we go later in the week. I think you evaluate everything, but right now we'll keep everything just the way we have it for right now. If you were asking me how we'd start, we'd start just the way we did right now."

Linebacker Rich Milot probably will return to the active roster, Gibbs said. He missed the Minnesota game when the Redskins decided to activate an extra defensive back.

Gibbs said he did not speak with Haji-Sheikh about the missed field goals, which came from 38 and 47 yards in the first half.

"I wasn't in any mood, and I don't think he was either, to go back and rehash something that didn't go well," Gibbs said. "Right now, we're just celebrating."

Haji-Sheikh said he hit the 38-yard field goal "badly," and the 47-yard attempt was "just about at the limit of my range."

He was successful on a 28-yard field goal in the third quarter to put the Redskins ahead, 10-7.

Other than Jones, the other Redskins injured in Sunday's game are expected to be fine for the Super Bowl. Grant was on crutches with his sprained left ankle swollen and is going to be evaluated day-to-day.

"I expect him to be ready," said head trainer Bubba Tyer.

Gibbs said in spite of Williams' relatively poor performance Sunday, he did not come close to pulling him from the game in favor of Jay Schroeder.

"He missed more things than I've seen him miss here," Gibbs said of Williams. "They did a very good job on us. They played very aggressively. They took away most of the short things and made us go deep. When that happens, you have a choice to either hit some big plays or you're going to be inconsistent. And that's what we were. We were inconsistent for two quarters, really."

Of a switch, Gibbs said, "I think you always know that that knowledge is there . . . As far as me getting a strong feeling I was going to do that, I did not obviously come to that. As the game wore on, I just kept waiting for Doug to hit something. It's been the same with Jay . . . Thank goodness {Williams} did."

Gibbs said he would like his players to avoid the media blitz as much as possible next week in San Diego. "The last Super Bowl {the Redskins lost to the Los Angeles Raiders, 38-9, four years ago}, I think a few of our guys probably overdid it," he said. "Every time I would go by, everyone there was doing a radio show or a TV show. A while later, I would go by again and they'd still be there . . . I want our guys to be a little bit careful. I want them to enjoy it, but to not overdo it."

Gibbs also said he would hold lighter workouts this week rather than the intense practices he held the first week before the 1983 Super Bowl.

To kick off the two-week preview to his third Super Bowl in six years, Gibbs received a congratulatory telephone call from Denver Coach Dan Reeves, of all people. Reeves and Gibbs are good friends.

"We talked about how we both had our hearts in our mouths, down there at the 2-yard line when the games ended, scrambling around," Gibbs said with a laugh.