The Washington Redskins coaches, who say they don't plan a change of place kickers for the Super Bowl, nevertheless will watch Ali Haji-Sheikh and Jess Atkinson kick in practice later this week before making a final decision prior to leaving for San Diego.

"I don't envision any change unless one moves down and one moves up in practice," special teams coach Chuck Banker said yesterday in a telephone interview from Redskin Park. "If Jess kicked better than Ali, there would be reason for change. If it was vice versa, there would be no change."

Haji-Sheikh missed two field goals in the Redskins' 17-10 victory over Minnesota Sunday in the NFC championship game. Over the past four games, he has missed five of eight field goals. His misses have come from 38, 35, 33, 38 and 47 yards. He has made field goals from 37, 26 and 28 yards.

"I just know Ali needs to kick better and he knows that," Banker said. "Anytime a professional goes through something like this, you hope he can handle it and come through it to play better. I think Ali can do that. He's been through this before. Hopefully, he is mature enough to handle it."

Haji-Sheikh said yesterday that he does not feel threatened or worried about losing his job.

"I don't feel badly about it at all," he said. "I've never felt that I was under the gun. {Coach} Joe Gibbs is a very thorough guy who checks out all the angles. He has two kickers and wants to evaluate them."

Atkinson declined comment. He was the team's incumbent kicker coming into the 1987 season, but he dislocated his left ankle Sept. 13.

Gibbs said Monday he wouldn't completely rule out a return by Atkinson for the Super Bowl, but said, "Right now, if you asked me, my honest answer to that would be that we will start the way we did last week, with Ali in there."

Said Banker: "I know we don't want to have a kicking competition in San Diego {the Redskins fly there Monday}. It's never good to go into Super Bowl week wondering about any position. You wish you were rock solid at every position. That's why I would assume we will settle it by this weekend . . . If one guy is perfect in practice, we will go with that guy. People might say, 'What if you make a change now?' Well, it's not like Jess is a rookie. Jess has made some important kicks in his career, and so has Ali."

After Haji-Sheikh missed two of four field goals in the Redskins' 27-24 overtime victory at Minnesota Dec. 26, Gibbs opened up the kicking spot to a toe-to-toe competition between his two veteran kickers. But he quickly closed it the next week and named Haji-Sheikh his kicker for the Chicago playoff game, saying Atkinson was not "back where he was" and was "still off a ways."

There are no indications that Atkinson's condition has improved in the past two weeks, but the Redskins' confidence in Haji-Sheikh just might have deteriorated. The question for the Redskins appears to be whether a still-recovering Atkinson is better than an inconsistent Haji-Sheikh. As of yesterday, there were no clues.

Atkinson would "have to be" back close to training camp form to take the job from Haji-Sheikh, Banker said. "With an injury, psychologically, there are peaks and valleys. He was on a rise but fell back off and the question now is if he has come back."

As for Haji-Sheikh, he had practiced and played on artificial turf since Christmas, not once kicking on natural grass before the final regular season game and the playoffs. It likely was a bit difficult for him to adjust to RFK Stadium's natural grass.

Banker and Haji-Sheikh spoke at length Monday. When asked if Haji-Sheikh had lost confidence in himself, Banker said, "I would hope not."

Haji-Sheikh said he has not.

"In the second half of games, when the game is on the line, all season, the only kick that went awry was at Minnesota, and that was a high snap," he said. "I have not missed, not when a game is on the line. If someone questions my performance when the pressure is on, I would say I perform better when the pressure is on. When a game is tighter, that's when I like to perform."

Banker knows that some might be wondering: What if the Super Bowl is in doubt with three seconds to play and Haji-Sheikh has to attempt a 35-yard field goal?

"I would hope he goes in with a positive mental attitude, knowing he can do it," Banker said. "If he makes it, we're all heroes. If he doesn't, we're all in trouble."

Redskins Notes:

Gibbs said he will impose a midnight curfew on his players in San Diego from Jan. 27 until the game Jan. 31 to keep distractions to a minimum. . . .

The team's marching band will not go to the Super Bowl as a group; tickets have been made available to members, director Billy Ball said.

The NFL "did not want to let the band play because they have allocated seats for the fans and they've already got their halftime and pregame show planned," Ball said.