Washington Redskins center David Jones, whose worst fear is paralysis, said from his hospital room yesterday that he's "done playing football."

Jones, who became the Redskins' punt and place kick snapper on Nov. 29, was knocked unconscious Sunday by Minnesota Vikings linebacker Sam Anno, who Jones said blocked him "cleanly" on a Vikings punt return.

Jones said he lost consciousness for a brief time and then felt numbness on his left side. Doctors diagnosed his injury as a concussion and a cervical sprain, and since he had a similar injury in 1985, they advised him to quit football while he can still walk, as reported in the Washington Times Wednesday.

"I'm done playing football for good," Jones said yesterday. "This is the second time. I've been lucky both times, and I think someone's trying to tell me something. Even if I wanted to play, the Redskins doctors wouldn't let me. This thing has scared me to death."

Jones said doctors have told him he has stretched ligaments between his fourth and fifth vertabrae, and there is some fear that his disk could move with another blow and cause paralysis. His original injury occurred in the 12th week of the 1985 season when he was snapping on an extra point attempt for Detroit. After snapping the ball, he felt a rush of players go by him, started to stand up and was hit in the head. At the time, Detroit doctors told him he should not play again, but he eventually visited the Mayo Clinic and received a clean bill of health.

He gave himself all of 1986 to rehabilitate and tried a comeback this preseason with Denver, the Redskins' Super Bowl opponent. The Broncos waived him in their final cut, but picked him up during the strike, and he played all three replacement games for them.

At no time did he ever feel pain, and he says the Redskins doctors checked him out before he was signed this November. He said it's ironic that he played for both Super Bowl teams this season.

"I'm glad the Redskins are going," said Jones, who was to be released today from Arlington Hospital. "I'm for the Redskins; I'm not rooting for the Broncos whatsoever."

Jones, who will make the trip to San Diego, said he will tell Redskins coaches all he knows about the Broncos, but added: "{The coaches} do such a good job, so I know they already know a lot more than I'd have ever known about the Broncos."

Other than Jones, trainer Bubba Tyer listed four players on the injury report yesterday -- defensive tackle Darryl Grant (ankle), cornerback Brian Davis (bruised left thigh), defensive tackle Steve Hamilton (groin) and cornerback Darrell Green (ribs). He said all will be ready to play in the Super Bowl, and he added that Art Monk (out since Dec. 6 with a knee injury) will resume practicing today.