Darren Morningstar, the 6-foot-9 freshman center who was suspended from the Naval Academy's basketball team in late December for administrative reasons, has taken a leave of absence from the academy pending resolution of the matter.

Morningstar remains a midshipman, academy public affairs officer Cmdr. Stephen Becker said, and, as a matter of policy, the academy does not discuss administrative matters involving midshipmen.

Sources yesterday indicated Morningstar either will return to the academy later this semester or not return at all . . .

John McKay, the winningest coach in Southern California history, Doyt Perry and the late Jack Mollenkopf were elected to the College Football Hall of Fame as coaches. The late Marty Below, an all-America tackle at Wisconsin, 1921-23, also was elected.

Perry compiled the third-best winning percentage in college football (77-11-5) in 10 seasons at Bowling Green. His winning percentage of .855 is topped only by Knute Rockne (.881) and Frank Leahy (.864) among those who coached at least 10 years.

Mollenkopf coached at Purdue from 1955 to 1969 (84-39-9).

McKay, former coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, coached Southern Cal to three national championships (1962, 1967, 1972) and a 127-40-8 record from 1960 to '75.

All will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame at Kings Island, Ohio . . .

Defensive teams will have the opportunity to score on point-after attempts if they block a kick or intercept a pass, under a change adopted by the NCAA's Football Rules Committee.

Under the old rule, the ball was dead. Now the defense can advance it and will be awarded two points if it reaches the opposite end zone. But the defense still can't advance a fumble on a point-after attempt.