DENVER, JAN. 23 -- The Denver Broncos finished off their third and final home field practice today with Coach Dan Reeves praising Redskins quarterbacks Doug Williams and Jay Schroeder.

"They're both excellent quarterbacks," he responded when asked which quarterback the Broncos would rather play against. "Both of them avoid the rush, both throw the ball well, and both show a great deal of poise.

"Basically, both of them do the same thing; they just do it a bit differently. Doug stays in the pocket and fires the football at the last second, and Jay scrambles more. I don't know if you have an advantage playing one over the other."

He said he will watch films of both quarterbacks to prepare his defense for the Super Bowl, even though Williams definitely will start.

"I think, if you look at it, defense wins championship games," Reeves said. "If you look at the way their defense played {against Minnesota}, they played a great game. Our defense had a few lapses in the second half {against Cleveland}, but performed well. It's going to be a tight game."

The Broncos defense, said Reeves, "is playing with a lot more confidence now" than at the beginning of the season. But he called the loss of cornerback/safety Mike Harden, sidelined two weeks ago with a broken forearm, "as big a loss as we've had all year."

"He's really the key {player} in our secondary," said Reeves. "We missed him last week and we'll miss his leadership."

Harden's injury, coupled with the retirement of two defensive veterans at the start of the season, means the Broncos will go to the Super Bowl with "a totally new secondary from last year," Reeves said.

Although the Broncos are further behind than they were a year ago in preparing a Super Bowl game plan, Reeves said the team had "three good days of practice and we accomplished what we wanted to accomplish. I have a pretty good feeling we'll be ready to go Tuesday."