DENVER, JAN. 24 -- The Denver Broncos spent their last quiet day today before stepping into the round-the-clock hoopla of Super Bowl week.

They took the day off while their coaches studied films briefly. They will leave Monday for San Diego, where they will play the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII. The team's first practice there is scheduled for Tuesday, following a media picture day.

Unlike a year ago, when 60,000 fans saw them off, the Broncos will depart without fanfare.

"The organization wants to concentrate on the game," team spokesman Porter Wharton said. "We have more business to do, just getting there is not enough this year."

Fans are even being discouraged from going to the airport to see the Broncos off Monday. The team will embark on a chartered jet at 1:30 p.m.

"I think we can send ourselves off okay, and hopefully we can have a big celebration after we come back," Broncos Coach Dan Reeves said.

The Greater Denver Chamber of Commerce will hold a win-or-lose, welcome-home parade and celebration for the team the day after the Super Bowl.

Reeves said he is satisfied with the Broncos' first week of general preparations, and said the team will be much more focused on the Redskins next week.

"I think we've had three good days of practice," he said, "but everything we do next week will be much more football-oriented."

The Broncos should be close to full strength for the game. Tight end Orson Mobley was back in pads and practicing at full speed Saturday. He hurt a shoulder in the AFC championship game.

Wide receiver Vance Johnson, who missed the AFC championship because of a partially torn femoral artery, has been cleared to resume practice. He hopes to start in the Super Bowl.