NFL owners lost more than $104 million in potential income from the players' strike and only seven of the league's 28 teams made money this season, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Times obtained its figures from internal reports of the NFL Management Council and the NFL Players Association.

The Times reported 21 teams lost money because of the strike plus three other factors: a $30 million league-wide debt incurred from losing a lawsuit to the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission, legal fees stemming from the league's battle with the USFL and rebates to the television networks as a result of the three-week walkout.

The seven money-making teams, according to the Times, were Indianapolis ($5.46 million), Miami ($5.13 million), Minnesota ($3.15 million), the Los Angeles Rams ($1.26 million), Philadelphia ($470,000), Denver ($460,000) and Cleveland ($140,000).

The New York Jets reportedly had the largest losses at $6 million while San Francisco lost $5.58 million, the Los Angeles Raiders $5.49 million and Seattle $4.92 million. Washington lost more than $3 million.

Players lost $84 million in unrecoverable salaries.

"Both the owners and players are going to feel the financial impact for several more years," said NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw.Hayward. of $800,000 and get the final installment of a $1.4 million signing bonus.