SAN DIEGO, JAN. 25 -- An earthquake rattled the Washington Redskins' hotel here early this morning, though guard Russ Grimm thought it was just 320-pound tackle Wally Kleine falling out of bed.

"It kind of threw off my equilibrium," defensive end Dexter Manley said of the tremor. "Yeah, I kind of felt like Larry Holmes."

At last head count, though, all 68 Redskins were safe and sound, including Kleine, an injured reserve player who got to make his first road trip of the season here. Actually, the Redskins have taken all of their inactive and injured players on this trip, which was why their chartered United Airlines jet exceeded weight limits. Baggage had to be taken off to compensate.

Kleine got blamed for that one, too.

"Yeah, Wally was taking up too much room on the plane," defensive tackle Dave Butz said.

So, on Day 1 in San Diego, the Redskins hardly seemed fazed by that game they're about to play, Super Bowl XXII against the Denver Broncos. Coach Joe Gibbs wants his players to take some stress tabs this year and try not to get too tense, which seems to be working.

Rookie Ed Simmons wore the best pair of shorts, a pair that fit right in on Mission Beach. Purple and yellow and green, they hung all the way down to his knees.

Strong safety Alvin Walton wore the best pair of shades, the mirrored kind, which he must have borrowed from Belinda Carlisle.

Defensive tackle Markus Koch wore the best pair of shoes -- sandals, not cleats.

General Manager Bobby Beathard, who woke up during the earthquake at 5 in the morning ("The drapes were swaying back and forth, the bed was shaking," he said), had the best game plan. Rather than go back to sleep, Beathard took a friend to the airport to get a rent-a-car and then stopped by the La Jolla shores to see how the waves were. He decided not to go surfing, but it was a great plan, anyway.

And assistant coach Dan Henning had the best line. When asked by the poolside bartender if he'd like a drink, Henning said: "Hey, it might be 4 p.m. in Washington, but ain't 4 p.m. here. I'll pass."

It hasn't gotten out of hand here yet. Only one fan was around to really beseige the players in the hotel, and he presented no problem. Gibbs was walking near the pool when the fan -- wearing a caricature of quarterback Doug Williams on his T-shirt -- screamed: "Joe!" Gibbs stopped, the fan ran over and Gibbs even gave him a minute or two.

"It feels the same {as the other Redskins Super Bowls}, but it's still early in the week," Grimm said. "This place will turn into a zoo by Thursday. But, yeah, the setting's nice. Everything's great.

"Like I said, it's still early in the week to get the true effect. I'm just glad it's this laid-back, because we have a lot of young guys. And when it gets to be Thursday or Friday and closer to game time, there'll be a lot of people around here and they'll feel it."

The headquarters here is the Hyatt Islandia Hotel, but not all the Redskins people are here because owner Jack Kent Cooke apparently needed some extra rooms. So, some in the organization are across the street at the Bahia Hotel, not quite as plush.

The players are at the Hyatt, though, and Manley was peering out of his third floor balcony today, screaming for Redskins publicist Donnie Tuck.

"Donnie, I need you!" Manley said from the railing, coming dangerously close to falling off.

An observer said: "No, Dexter, don't jump!"

On the other hand, guard R.C. Thielemann came out of lunch eating a banana, spotted team physician Donald Knowlan and said: "Look, Doc. Health food."

The team went straight from lunch to a closed practice at the University of San Diego, which was heavily patrolled by security guards. The security people looked awfully big, and it turned out they were all members of the University of San Diego football team.

As for the earthquake -- which registered a 5.0 on the Richter scale and was based 75 miles southeast of San Diego -- it may have rattled the hotel, but not the players.

"I didn't know it was an earthquake," Butz said. "I thought it was someone moving a heavy cart upstairs."

"Nah," said Grimm, chiming in. "It was Wally."