SAN DIEGO, JAN. 26 -- Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs and Broncos Coach Dan Reeves are a little different, in that Reeves doesn't sleep at his office during the season.

"It's not something I've ever done," Reeves said today. "I've just never stayed over at an office, and I've been coaching since 1970."

Gibbs, meanwhile, likes to play down the fact that his couch serves as a hide-a-bed. He doesn't want people to think it makes him any better of a coach.

Interestingly, Gibbs is one of few head coaches who does it, although George Allen, the former Redskins head coach, also did. On the other hand, Miami's Don Shula -- who has the most victories of any active coach -- does not.

A Beathard Hitches Ride

Redskins General Manager Bobby Beathard's 19-year-old daughter, Jaime, is a student at the University of Colorado and is flying here for Sunday's game on a Broncos charter.

It seems Beathard was talking to people in the Denver front office last week and was saying all the flights were booked from Denver to San Diego and his daughter might be stranded. The Broncos offered to give her a ride on their flight, which will be carrying players' wives and other personnel . . .

Center Jeff Bostic on Gibbs and Reeves: "I think all the people should start reporting about how much Dan Reeves and Joe Gibbs look alike. They both wear their hair the same. They both wear the same type of glasses. Both of them are very well dressed during the game and very controlled during the course of the game. Maybe they've got the same parents. I don't know."

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Guard Raleigh McKenzie's twin brother, Reggie (a linebacker for the Los Angeles Raiders), was hanging around the Redskins today, and several reporters approached him to ask, "So, Raleigh, how do you block Karl Mecklenburg?" . . .

Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley skipped Lt. Col. Oliver North's pep talk at Redskin Park last Saturday. Asked why, Manley said: "I plead the fifth." . . .

Today, Manley was approached by a Japanese television crew and was asked to address the audience: "I can't speak Japanese," Manley said. "I can hardly speak English." Later, Manley was asked by an American crew to make a prediction. He said, "No, I'm not Jimmy the Greek."

'Passive' Not in the Game Plan

Defensive coordinator Richie Petitbon seemed taken aback today when someone asked if the Redskins might take a passive approach to John Elway and not blitz so much.

"We will never play passive defense against anybody," he snapped. "Passive is a word we try to stay away from." . . .

Several Redskins players struck back today, bringing their own cameras and portable mini-cams to photograph the media. Defensive end Charles Mann said there'd be a home movie presentation later in the evening at the team hotel.

Manley, meanwhile, forgot to take the lens cap off his camera and didn't get any good shots . . .

Denver tackle Dave Studdard on John Elway, the Broncos quarterback: "We're really close, but sometimes I don't like him and sometimes he doesn't like me."

Studdard says Elway kids around in the locker room. For example, if someone gets a bad haircut, Elway will snap, "Hey, but it looks good on you."

Studdard says: "Yeah, he'll say that and the guy really thinks he got a good haircut. He busts a lot of guys up."