SAN DIEGO, JAN. 27 -- Defensive end Dexter Manley skipped today's mandatory Super Bowl interview session because he "didn't feel like talking," a team spokesman said, but Coach Joe Gibbs has spoken with Manley and expects him to be at the session Thursday.

"Dexter told me he was waiting for something, a call, in his room," Gibbs said. "I told him he has to go. I want him to be there."

Manley will not be fined, said Dick Maxwell, NFC director of information. "Let's remember he was one of the six players who volunteered to talk to the media in a special session Monday," Maxwell said.

Manley participated in practice later today.

The day before, Manley was one of the top draws of picture day and stayed around to talk to reporters past the session deadline.

Gibbs, Schroeder Disagree

The quarterback controversy that enveloped Washington the past few months moved west today when Coach Joe Gibbs was asked about his relationship with Jay Schroeder.

"It's a little tougher now, because I coach the quarterbacks a lot," Gibbs said. "It's his relationship with me. He can still keep a great relationship with everybody else, but you worry about it being a strain between you and him. We've had good talks about it. You definitely don't see eye-to-eye, because he doesn't agree with {being benched}.

"But I think you can still keep a healthy relationship, and even disagree. He can tell me, to my face, which he's done, 'I don't agree with this. I don't like it.' "

Gibbs declined to say which player, Schroeder or Doug Williams, is his quarterback for next year.

"I'm taking it day-to-day," he said.

But he added, "I think you've got to say Jay is the future. He's a guy who's obviously got many more games left in him than Doug does. It's just a matter of how long Doug can play, really."

It's still a mystery what happened to Schroeder this season, but Gibbs said "it was tough" for Schroeder to sit out six weeks due to a shoulder injury and the players strike and then try to return.

"You take a young guy, who really hasn't played much football . . . That was tough . . . But it's hard for us to evaluate that." . . .

Tackle Mark May, linebacker Rich Milot and wide receiver/punt returner Eric Yarber spent their day-off Tuesday deep-sea fishing in the Pacific. Before they set out, May made a stop in the Hyatt Islandia gift shop to make a purchase.

"Dramamine for Rich," May said as he emerged from the store. "The breakfast of champions." . . .

Quarterbacks coach Jerry Rhome found an interesting way to spend an hour during the media session at the hotel. He was diagramming plays on individual sheets of paper.

"These are just the defenses," Rhome said. "I'll put the offenses in after the cameras go away."