SAN DIEGO, JAN. 27 -- The Redskins were told today by the NFL they will be allowed to make only one injured-reserve move for the Super Bowl, which means if they activate wide receiver Art Monk as planned, they cannot activate kicker Jess Atkinson and must go with Ali Haji-Sheikh.

"It was a moot point anyway, because we are going with Ali," Coach Joe Gibbs said after practice today. The Redskins thought they had two moves left off injured reserve, but the NFL told them today they have just one, Gibbs said.

Meanwhile, running back George Rogers said this evening his sprained left ankle still is bothering him and not allowing him to practice as usual. But he said he thinks he will start in the Super Bowl.

"I'm not able to run like normal, not right now anyway," Rogers said. "I'm getting treatment, but I'm not practicing like I usually do."

Rogers, listed as probable for the game, said rookie Timmy Smith took the first play of the offensive script in the team's closed practice at the University of San Diego, but said he came in later.

"If he isn't ready to start, I will," Smith said. "If he is, I won't. I think it's how he feels come Sunday."

Rogers' comments came as news to Gibbs, who earlier in the day said Rogers was "a little bit gimpy" due to the ankle injury suffered in the NFC championship game, but would start Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

"I didn't know he felt that way," Gibbs said after jogging four miles back to the team's headquarters at the Hyatt Islandia after practice. "If George doesn't feel good, we will act accordingly. He took the run keys and looked as sharp as ever to me."

Gibbs said he is taking into consideration Rogers being "hobbled" as he decide what Super Bowl roster moves to make by Saturday.

"Running back and cornerback are the two main areas to watch," he said, adding that cornerback Darrell Green participated in every drill after his rib cartilage injury and is fine.

If the Redskins had been scheduled to play last Sunday, Rogers would not have been ready, running backs coach Don Breaux said.

"I wouldn't say he's 100 percent," Breaux said, "but he's much better than he was and should get better still by the end of the week."

But that's not the only confusion in the Redskins' camp as the week of Super Bowl preparation hit its midpoint.

Monk said this morning he doesn't think he will start in the Super Bowl and is "concerned" about his timing with quarterback Doug Williams.

Monk also said the brace he must wear on his right knee is "uncomfortable and restrictive" and does not allow him "full range of motion."

Monk's statements contradict those of Gibbs and assistant coach Dan Henning, who both said Monk is healthy and will play an "integral" role in the game.

"That's Art," Henning said. "He isn't certain, I guess. But he looks good to me."

Said Monk: "I'm not starting, so I'm not sure how much they will use me. There's no official word yet, but I don't expect to start. I'm concerned about my timing with the quarterbacks. It's coming back, but it's not where it should be. There's a lot of twisting and turning in running pass routes."

The Redskins plan to activate Monk, who suffered a partially torn medial collateral ligament Dec. 6, for the game. The league has given both Washington and Denver an extra injured reserve move before the Super Bowl. The Redskins can use that move on Monk.

The Redskins thought they had used only seven of eight allowed roster moves off injured reserve during the season. But the NFL notified them today that the decision to bring safety Clarence Vaughn off injured reserve before the Chicago playoff game constituted the eighth and final move.

Thus, the NFL said the Redskins have just one more roster move to make, the one that is given to them to use for the Super Bowl. And that move will be used to activate Monk.

In view of what Monk said, it's expected that Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders will start for the Redskins. This also brings up a question about what the Redskins will do with Anthony Allen, who backed up Clark and Sanders the last two games.

But Allen is not the only Redskin who doesn't know if he will spend Super Bowl Sunday in street clothes.

Linebacker Rich Milot, who was not activated for the NFC championship game, will be on the roster for the Super Bowl "unless something unforeseen happens," said defensive coordinator Larry Peccatiello.

Milot was placed on the five-man inactive list for the NFC title game. A move to the 45-man active list would not be related to the injured-reserve move.

"Rich will be activated and will see action," Peccatiello said. "He will go in for Neal {Olkewicz} in passing situations."

If Milot is activated, the Redskins might decide to deactivate cornerback Tim Morrison or Dennis Woodberry, Peccatiello said. One man who is staying on the active list is Vaughn, who will continue in his role as backup safety and nickel linebacker.

Or the Redskins might not drop anyone off the roster. They have an extra spot because they replaced injured long-snapper David Jones with Jeff Bostic and Darryl Grant, two players already on the roster.

Running back Keith Griffin, who has been out for more than a month with a thigh injury, is waiting to hear the word from Gibbs that he will be back on the 45-man roster for the Super Bowl. That extra spot left by Jones' injury might become his.

"They've told me to be ready," Griffin said. "I'm not really sure, but I think there's a good chance of being activated. It ate me up inside to be watching the Chicago and Minnesota games on TV, when I knew I could have played."