SAN DIEGO, JAN. 28 -- Although George Rogers said he ran with more get-up-and-go today, Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs said tonight he'll probably wait until game time to name his starting running back for Sunday's Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos.

Gibbs also announced that wide receiver Art Monk, out since Dec. 6 with an injured knee, won't start. So, Ricky Sanders and Gary Clark will begin the game, although Monk still is expected to play.

Rogers, who sprained his left ankle in the NFC championship game against the Vikings, was cheerful after practice today.

"I made better cuts today," Rogers said. "I feel like I'll start, and I feel I'll play well, too, unless they take me out {early}."

Gibbs, on the other hand, said: "{Rogers} hasn't told me some of the things he's told other people."

"I thought {Rogers} was good today," Gibbs said, "but I'm not sure if he's . . . Well, that's a big question. We've got to make up our mind by gametime how healthy he is. He has taken work, but the question is how he'll be {by Sunday}."

This is why he's considering starting rookie Timmy Smith instead of Rogers.

The Redskins coaches definitely aren't losing sleep over this. Because, while Rogers is bothered by his ankle, Smith -- Rogers' backup -- isn't at all bothered by Super Bowl hype (i.e., six microphones constantly in his face). Consequently, offensive assistant Don Breaux said he has no qualms about starting Smith, if need be.

"I'm not apprehensive at all about it, not based on what I've seen the last several weeks," Breaux said today. "One thing we learned about Timmy from the start is that he's not an uptight guy, and that's certainly in his favor."

If anyone was uptight today, it was defensive end Dexter Manley. He began the day distributing "Grapefruit -- The Breakfast of NFC Champions" T-shirts, but ended up feeling sour.

Having skipped Wednesday's interview session because he was "tired," Manley showed up today with a prepared statement of which he was quite proud. Engulfed by about 50 members of the media, he said, "I'm really not very much like the president." He then began reading his speech.

"Okay," he said, "there are so many questions that are repetitious that in order to save your time and my time, I suggest that you {reporters} submit your questions in writing, and I will study them and submit my answers in writing."

With that, he left the tent.

After powwowing with Redskins publicists, he returned to find a written note on his seat that read: "Why did you come back?"

He replied: "I didn't want to come back," and then repeated his speech. He finished by screaming at the top of his lungs: "All questions in writing!"

With that he left, again.

Ten minutes later, at Coach Joe Gibbs' prodding, Manley was returned, again. "When the boss {Gibbs} speaks," Manley explained, "E.F. Hutton listens."

At that point, Manley said the Super Bowl hype had ceased being fun on Tuesday night, after he'd heard some 127 questions about Denver quarterback John Elway. "Sometimes, you have to be able to relax . . . I figure what I need to do is be quiet."

Gibbs, meanwhile, would not say whether Manley was fined for missing Wednesday's interview session, although he did say: "He understands he should've been there. I apologize for that. As far as I know, that's our only foul-up so far with the Redskins {this week}. Dexter needs to get on the stick, and be where he's supposed to be."

Normally, Gibbs doesn't want Manley doing many interviews because he could potentially say something outlandish to fire up the opponent. That's why Manley was surprised today that Gibbs made him return to the interview tent.

Manley didn't want to go.

"I'm not getting paid for it," he said.

Rogers, also, was a no-show in the interview tent today. Apparently, he was in the training room instead.

Smith, however, was granting interview after interview. "I'm an easygoing man," he said. "I know what I've got to do. No use getting uptight."

In other developments today, Gibbs said the Redskins are mulling over several roster moves. Running back Keith Griffin, out since December with a thigh bruise, could be activated for backfield insurance. On the other hand, the Redskins might need to activate an extra defensive back if cornerback Darrell Green's rib injury doesn't keep improving. Or, if Monk has trouble running on his injured knee, they might want to keep Anthony Allen on the 45-man roster. Washington has no moves remaining from injured reserve.

"We've got two very tenuous situations there at defensive back and at receiver and running back," Gibbs said today. "So, we're trying to wrestle with who to bring up. I think I'll go to the end of the week and see."

At least the kicking situation is defined. Ali Haji-Sheikh will kick field goals and extra points, prompting fellow Redskins kicker Jess Atkinson to say, "My season's over."

Gibbs had told Haji-Sheikh the job was his to lose in practice, and Haji-Sheikh, who always has been known as a superb practice kicker, didn't fall apart.

Haji-Sheikh, who has missed five of his last eight field goal attempts in games, seemed glad today that Jeff Bostic will be his new snapper on place kicks. Before, David Jones had snapped, but Jones' snaps had more velocity than Bostic's and tended to throw Haji-Sheikh off. But Jones injured his neck against Minnesota and will not play. Bostic and Haji-Sheikh worked together at the 1983 Pro Bowl and appear quite comfortable together.

Bostic had plenty of trouble snapping in games earlier this season (a botched extra point snap helped cost the Redskins their game against Atlanta), but special teams coach Chuck Banker said Bostic is doing better now.

Bostic, trying to explain, said he wasn't starting earlier in the season and added, "I think it is tough to be standing on the sidelines watching a game and come in cold. It's a situation I hadn't been exposed to."

Running back Smith, meanwhile, seems to have no trouble coming into games cold. As a reserve, he had 72 yards rushing against Minnesota, and Gibbs seems entirely pleased with a three-back rotation of Rogers, Smith and Kelvin Bryant.

"Timmy, as a rookie, played very well in preseason for us," Gibbs said today, "and as {Rogers} got nicked all through the year, it gave Timmy more of a chance to play . . . He has evolved, I think, into an excellent runner. We have had real good production {with the rotation} for several weeks, and I feel best about that, and that's the way we've been going."

Smith said: "I don't expect to start. I guess we won't know until Sunday. I just think {Rogers} needs to ease up a couple of days and rest. I think he'll be ready come Sunday, but so will I."