SAN DIEGO, JAN. 29 -- Washington Redskins running back George Rogers and his sprained left ankle continued to be the focus of attention here today when he and running backs coach Don Breaux said Rogers will start in the Super Bowl.

"He's fine," Breaux said after returning from the Redskins' final all-out practice at the University of San Diego. "There are no problems. He looked good yesterday and he looked good today. There would have to be a change for him not to start."

"I will start," Rogers exclaimed as he walked into the team's hotel. "Everything's fine."

He said he practiced today more than he has other days this week, but did not do everything in the two-hour workout. Rookie Timmy Smith filled in on occasion for him, but even Smith is convinced Rogers will start.

"My role is the same as it's always been," Smith said. "I'll be in the background."

Backup linebacker Kurt Gouveia missed practice because he became sick to his stomach this morning, Coach Joe Gibbs said. "We expect him to be better Saturday," Gibbs said, adding that if Gouveia is not well, his condition could affect the final 45-man roster.

The latest running back news comes a day after there were indications Rogers might not be able to start because he reinjured the ankle Wednesday in practice. All this is in keeping with the theme of the Redskins' Super Bowl week: it's super secret.

As reporters questioned Gibbs about the status of Rogers and wide receiver Art Monk, who will not start, the team is getting ready to move out of its hotel Saturday to a secret location.

"Tomorrow evening, we will leave and go to a separate hotel and will go on from there to the game," Gibbs told a morning news conference. "We're trying to make it like a regular work week for us. On Saturdays, we get off by ourselves before the game, to go over the films and have hamburgers and sundaes."

The location is so secret that assistant coach Dan Henning said he doesn't know where it is. Only one assistant coach, not Henning, stays in the team hotel.

Gibbs said the confusion on the status of Rogers and Monk, who has recovered from an injured knee ligament, has come since the players have told the media one thing and told him something else.

"It was a shock to me that Art Monk said he was anything other than 100 percent," Gibbs said, a bit agitated. "I waited six weeks for him to come to tell me he was 100 percent. He said he was. . . . I don't see any difference in him when I watch him. He will not start. Ricky Sanders will start for us. But Art would be playing at different times in the game."

Gibbs called Rogers "a little iffy," but said he "should be all right to start." The others were more certain. At least today, anyway.

But, even if Rogers starts, it's a strong possibility Smith and Kelvin Bryant will get most of the work.

"You're not quite sure which guy will have the opportunities," Gibbs said. "With {John} Riggins, you knew he would carry the ball. With us now, you don't know if George takes right off, or if Timmy will get going"

The Redskins have other decisions to make by 4 p.m. Saturday, when they must reach their final 45-man roster. Players sitting on the bubble include running back Keith Griffin, cornerbacks Tim Morrison and Dennis Woodberry and wide receiver Anthony Allen.

The Broncos have a decision or two to make. Right guard Stefan Humphries, who came to the Broncos before the season in a trade with Chicago, has a bruised thigh and was not going to practice today, Reeves said.

"We feel like he'll be ready to play on Sunday," Reeves said.

But if he isn't, veteran Larry Lee will start opposite Washington defensive tackle Dave Butz. Lee, obtained in a training camp trade from Miami, started at center for two games after the strike ended and has been the backup at both guard positions and at center. The Broncos will activate tackle Jim Juriga, an eighth offensive lineman, to add depth because of Humphries' injury, Reeves said.

In another move, wide receiver Vance Johnson will be activated, as expected, and tight end Mitch Andrews probably will be deactivated.

Reeves said the Broncos have had "a more businesslike attitude" than in last year's Super Bowl, but said his team had a "terrible" practice Thursday.

"If we played anyone yesterday, we would have been killed," he said, explaining that concentration and intensity were lacking.

Gibbs said the Redskins have no such problems.

"Things have been going well," he said. "We are really enjoying ourselves. We have no excuses. If we don't play well, it's our fault."

But there is pressure, intense pressure, on Reeves and Gibbs heading into the final 36 hours. Gibbs related a story this morning when he was asked about the pressures of this game, to be played 6 p.m. (EST) Sunday.

Of the Super Bowl, Gibbs said: "The loser of this game obviously takes a giant step backwards in the world's eyes, because you lost the game. For whatever reason, all that counts is winning. We're getting more so that way. That's going to cause more coaching changes in the NFL and more radical changes in organizations because everybody wants to win and everybody wants to win every year. The patience factor, of taking time to build something, I think it's going to be much harder today than it was 10 to 15 years ago. I think we're just getting more and more intense. All 28 people want to win, and, obviously, each week, there's going to be 14 that lose."

Thus, it should come as no surprise that Gibbs called this week "a very intense time."

"I've never gone into a game yet feeling, 'We've got them today,' " he said. "I'm always nervous to a certain degree. I've never felt, 'Man, we're going to whip these guys.' "