SAN DIEGO, JAN. 30 -- What would the Super Bowl be without celebrity predictions? Dr. Ruth Westheimer picks the Broncos. Dr. Ruth's reasoning? "I pick the Denver Broncos because John Elway is so versatile and so handsome. Also, the Redskins aren't psychologically committed to either quarterback. It's like a woman trying to choose between two men. She often winds up losing both."A Super Promotion

There was little reason for Jim Juriga, a Denver Broncos offensive lineman, to believe he would play in Super Bowl XXII because he had spent his entire two-year pro career on injured reserve.

But Juriga, a 6-foot-6 third-year player from Illinois, was activated late Saturday in time to play for the first time in his career. Reeves said he figured it might be better to activate him because starting right guard Stefan Humphries bruised a thigh this week in practice.

"It's a lucky thing they decided to bring my uniform along for picture day," Juriga said. "It hasn't been worn yet for a game so I imagine they had to wash the dust out ofit . . .

The primary reason the Denver Broncos are here and the Indianapolis Colts are not: Because the Colts gave into Elway's threat to play baseball, trading him to the Broncos after the 1983 draft. With the Broncos, he has thrown 85 touchdown passes and 77 interceptions, while compiling a passing rating of 75.3. In that same time, Mike Pagel, Matt Kofler, Gary Hogeboom and Jack Trudeau of the Colts have thrown 68 touchdown passes and 100 interceptions to go with a passing rating of 63.2.Goodbye, Mom

Linebacker Ricky Hunley, one of the Broncos that Coach Dan Reeves was unhappy with after the team's embarrassing midseason loss to Buffalo, has come on to play like himself.

"If my momma or sister are in uniform on the football field," he said, "I'll do my best to run over them."