As Notre Dame's Fighting Irish once decided to win one for the Gipper, the Washington Redskins have an even more unique opportunity in the Super Bowl today against the Denver Broncos.

They can win one for Ollie North, they can win one for Lesley Stahl, and with a black athlete at quarterback, they even have a chance to win one for Jimmy The Greek, that funny old anthropologist.

These particular Redskins are living proof that sport is the great harmonizer of society. When has there ever been a football team with such a following?

In case you missed it, Lt. Col. Oliver North visited the Redskins at their final workout before they left for San Diego last Saturday. The players happily shouted, "Ollie! Ollie!" The patriot then spoke to the squad, bringing them the good wishes of fund-raisers everywhere.

Coach Joe Gibbs proudly said, "Oliver North has gotten to be a friend of ours."

This was reassuring to many longtime Redskins fans.

And I am confident as I speak that if Washington falls behind the Broncos today, Coach Gibbs will have a moving speech prepared, one that he will deliver to the team on the sidelines, from his knees.

"Men, a few months ago, while a good friend of ours lay dying in his shredder, he said to me, 'Rock, I mean, Joe, someday when the going gets tough, when all the breaks seem to be going against the boys, tell them to go out there and win one for the Contras.' "

Of course, network people will be rooting as hard for the Redskins as Ollie.

It goes back to that memorable shot on television of CBS' Stahl hugging Jack Kent Cooke after the Minnesota NFC championship game.

The replay was confusing, I admit. Another judgment call. Did Lesley Stahl hug Jack Kent Cooke, or did Jack Kent Cooke hug Lesley Stahl?

All we know in the NFL is that the ground can't cause a hug.

It may well be that Stahl was only rooting for her industry, seeing as how the Redskins are in the Eastern time zone. Better for ratings.

Still, one must contemplate the serious question of who did the most damage to network news: Lesley Stahl hugging Jack Kent Cooke, or Dan Rather not hugging George Bush?

Meanwhile, as Doug Williams goes in this Super Bowl, so goes Jimmy the Greek. Will Doug's big, Civil War thighs throw the ball accurately? Only if he can get them dislodged from his back, is what I think.

All in all, it saddens me to see the Redskins going to all these Super Bowls in the 1980s without my friend Sonny Jurgensen at quarterback. For about a thousand years, Sonny was the Redskins. His presence would have been most appropriate this time, what with the Super Bowl being played in a stadium named for a sports writer.

Sonny played pro football by our rules. Find as much nighttime fun as you can, then try to make something happen at the typewriter on game day.

Gibbs would have been on his knees all week long in San Diego, praying for Sonny to come home before daylight.

Super Bowls are usually the last place on earth to find a good football game. But that's not why I don't go anymore. I don't drink any more. Thus, Super Bowls are no fun.

But in a way, I wish I was covering this one. I would have my lead ready before the kickoff:

SAN DIEGO -- Outlined against Lesley Stahl's blue-gray dress . . .

Dan Jenkins is an award-winning sportswriter and columnist and a best-selling author whose work includes "Semi-Tough," "Life Its Ownself" and "Baja Oklahoma," soon to be a film on HBO.