SAN DIEGO, JAN. 31 -- Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke stopped for a moment as he was being whisked out of San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium to describe his team's 42-10 Super Bowl triumph as "the most satisfying victory of my sports career."

"It's better than winning the NBA championship with the Lakers, better than the 33-game winning streak, and better than anything," he said.

He also said he was "so thrilled over the circumstances, particularly for Doug Williams."

"Hell, they kept talking about a black quarterback. He could have been yellow, pink or polka dot, what we saw tonight was a great quarterback. . . It also was a great quarterback showing an up and coming quarterback how to be a champion." . . .

There were several emotional moments in the Redskins locker room before the team gathered for a team prayer.

"You darling, come here," Cooke said to Coach Joe Gibbs, according to an NFL pool reporter. Then he slapped the coach's cheeks and said "Thank you so much."

Several players also were hugging team photographer Nate Fine, who has been seriously ill in recent months but taped today's game, just as he has done since the franchise moved to Washington in 1937.

"We did it for you, Nate," Darrell Green said.

After the Super Bowl Trophy was presented to Cooke, he handed it to veteran defensive tackle Dave Butz, and the two of them walked over to Fine.

"Accept this trophy on behalf of the Redskins," Butz said to Fine. "We couldn't have done it without you, Nate."Gibbs to Packers: No Way

As if the Redskins needed another distraction, today there was a report that the Green Bay Packers are interested in talking to Gibbs about their coaching vacancy.

Gibbs emphatically denied published reports that he was interested in talking to the Packers. "I am absolutely not interested," he said. "There's no truth to that." Like a Dream Land

Guard R.C. Thielemann said the Redskins second quarter "was like a dream land."

"All of a sudden, it started happening. Doug hit the long touchdown pass, which was supposed to be a possession play, Sanders broke it for 80 yards and that seemed to get us going.

"Everything that Doug threw and everything that we blocked went for big yardage. It's unlike Redskin football to score that fast. We're used to seven, eight minute drives, not going 80 yards in a minute." . . .

Defensive end Charles Mann walked up to quarterback Doug Williams after the game and said, "It couldn't happen to a better gentleman than you."