Episcopal High School searches for a varsity football coach with something few schools in the area can match: the offer of a home on the exclusive Alexandria grounds as part of the package.

Several of the top area coaches, including Glenn Furman at T.C. Williams, have been interviewed for the position in the past two weeks. As of late yesterday, Episcopal assistant headmaster David Dougherty said a coach had not been named.

Dougherty said the offer of lodging -- which includes food privileges for a coach and his family in the campus dining room -- is not unusual at Episcopal, which is a boarding school that requires all faculty members to live on campus.

But it makes the position much more attractive and has allowed Episcopal to include highly regarded coaches like Furman in its search.

"It's a good arrangement for some because of the housing situation in this area," one area coach said. "You could save close to $10,000 in rent. And if you already own a house, you could move on the grounds and rent out your other house."

Said Dougherty, "We don't use the term rent-free; living on the grounds is one of our requirements. The bottom line: We want our faculty members to be involved in all aspects of our students' lives. We think the balance of salary, probably not as much as in other schools, with the home is fair. The homes are nothing fancy but we think they are comfortable. In addition to teaching and coaching, faculty members here have other duties. Boarding school life is not for everyone."

Former football coach Joe Robinson lived on the school grounds while coaching the team the past five years. He left to become an assistant at the University of North Carolina.

Dougherty would not reveal the salary involved. "We want to appoint a coach soon but that is no more important than appointing a physics teacher," he said.

Episcopal is the only school in the Interstate Athletic Conference that is exclusively a boarding school for boys. Because it is a boarding school, Episcopal also has the highest number of faculty members (40) who live on the grounds.