Unsafe track conditions, which prompted an early end to Laurel's racing program Sunday, caused track management to cancel yesterday's entire program.

Because of a rapid thaw, Laurel's racing surface remained splotched with large areas of slop; however, horses trained on it yesterday morning, and track president Frank De Francis said jockeys were willing to try to race in the afternoon.

"The track was sufficient enough to give it a go," De Francis said. "But I thought it was too problematical to have people come out here. If it did prove worse than we thought, to cancel again {between races} would be inexcusable."

Track superintendent John Passero said up to 700 tons of sand would be worked into the track in an effort to make the racing surface more uniform and suitable for racing today. But he could not guarantee the track would be ready.

"By mixing dry sand into the track, we're going to try to jell it up so it's not so sloppy," said Passero. "We're trying to get some kind of consistency."

Large pools of water around the clubhouse turn seem to have caused footing problems for horses running onto the main track from either of the two chutes from which 6 1/2-, 7- and 8-furlong races begin.

De Francis said he will examine the possibility of doing away with races out of the chutes -- at least during the winter.