Thank you Washington Redskins. Your Super Bowl performance was the perfect medicine for ailing Cleveland Browns fans like myself who suffered still another gut-wrenching loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC championship game.

Many Browns fans have developed an abhorrence for the Broncos similar to the one Redskins fans feel for the Dallas Cowboys.

Admittedly, I was merely hopeful of a Denver loss rather than a Washington victory as the game approached.

However, I was absolutely mesmerized by the display of class shown by the entire Redskins organization. Doug Williams demonstrated true character both on and off the field. Joe Gibbs was masterful, both in game plan and in his gracious acceptance of well-deserved accolades.

So, celebrate D.C. Bask in the joy of your team's great accomplishment. 'Twas the most enjoyable blowout I have ever witnessed and just what the doctor ordered for Cleveland Browns fans. Terry J. Modory Akron, Ohio

Unmentionable Things

I'm not going to criticize the Redskins' easy schedule, which saw them face only one playoff team in the regular season.

I'm not going to mention that after the Redskins lost to Philadelphia, their regulars had a 3-2 record compared with the Eagles' 4-1 record, yet, due to the joke -- I mean strike -- games, the Redskins still maintained a two-game lead.

And I wouldn't dare suggest that the joke -- I mean strike -- had more to do with the Redskins making the playoffs than their actual performances, even though their toughest division rivals -- Philadelphia and New York -- were never able to seriously challenge because of it.

And I wouldn't insinuate that the Redskins' victory over the Bears was less than great although Chicago had been outscored by 50 points in its previous three games and was without its best running back and was using a quarterback who couldn't run and could barely throw.

And I wouldn't say that these accomplishments did not deserve the home field advantage in the NFC championsip game.

These things would never lead me to believe the Redskins to be the least-deserving Super Bowl team ever.

And I would never change my opinion of the Redskins' fans, even though they booed their team throughout a championship game in which they never trailed. They are truly the greatest fans in the world, self-proclaimed or otherwise.

And I would never think that maybe, just maybe, Joe Gibbs should win a Super Bowl in a year when all the games are played and each team has an equal chance before he is proclaimed the greatest coach of all time.

I would never do these things. What I will do is root for a Redskins victory in the Super Bowl, as this will be the perfect seal of invalidation for this National Farce League season. Robert Hamilton Rockville

P.S. Let's see if you burgundy-and-gold, sugar-coated "journalists" can bring yourselves to print this entire letter.

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