Officials at the University of the District of Columbia said yesterday the NCAA officially has declared sophomore transfer Terrance Ball ineligible this season, but has not decided if the school will be forced to forfeit 11 basketball games in which he played and the Firebirds won.

Emma Best, UDC's acting athletic director, said she was notified by Janet Justus, director of eligibility for the NCAA, that Ball did not qualify for immediate eligibility under the NCAA's two-year rule. That regulation provides that an athlete who has been inactive for two years does not have to complete a year in residence at his new university before competing.

Acting on what she called inaccurate information, Best certified Ball eligible for this semester. After being told he could be in violation of the two-year absence rule, she notified the NCAA.

"They have not made a decision about the possible forfeitures of the games {in which} Ball participated," Best said. "I think they know it was an honest mistake and I'm hoping for the best."

Ball, who said he played at Delaware State in 1984-85, actually sat out that year and played in '85-86. He averaged 10.2 points and made second team all-MEAC. In the 12 games he played at UDC, he averaged 9.2 points and 9.8 rebounds.

At 19-4, UDC is in the running for an NCAA South Atlantic Region berth in the Division II playoffs.