In his wholly gratuitous and negative letter appearing here last Sunday, Robert Hamilton of Rockville (hereinafter, RH Negative or RH-) itemized the things he would not stoop to in any detailed critique of the Redskins. Against the chance that turnabout is still fair play, I offer the following:

I would not embarrass RH Negative by reminding him that the Redskins did not draw up {their} "easy" regular season schedule or that in postseason games the Redskins engaged three playoff teams and held them to just four touchdowns and {three} field goals.

I would not condemn RH Negative for denigrating the replacement youngsters, who gave their all in three exciting, satisfying victories. Or for losing sight of the fact that, to many fans, the term "1987 Redskins" embraces every player who pulled on a burgundy-and-gold jersey during the campaign.

Neither would I criticize RH- for portraying the 45-man, division-winning Bears as so many pushovers, or for concluding that, because the Redskins beat them, the Bears were lousy by definition.

And I wouldn't poke fun at RH- for implying that the Vikings and not the Redskins had earned the right to home field advantage in the NFC championship game.

Again, I would never brand RH- a common scold for ignoring that our "least-deserving" Redskins went up against an accomplished Denver team and survived a first-quarter assault that would have cowed Attila the Hun. And those skilled players came back in the second quarter to stage one of the most awesome shows in football history.

Finally, I would not rate RH- Sorehead of the Year for his putdown of Coach Joe Gibbs, who himself disclaims "the greatest" label, but who has nevertheless shown at least rudiments of greatness in apparently abandoning not only the insane "prevent defense" (which prevents nothing but retention of the lead), but also Coach George Allen's moronic "prevent offense" of "1-2-3-kick" anytime he enjoyed as much as a seven-point lead. Judge William Jensen Rockville Valid Points

I had to write in and express my total agreement with Robert Hamilton's very valid points on the Redskins and their fans (Feb. 7).

Hamilton's observations were at no time explored by the Washington media, who prefer to keep their fans in horse blinders.

Thank you, Washington Post, for having the guts to print his letter and this one. Robert Sagusti Beltsville

Grape Variety

Thank you for printing Robert Hamilton's incredibly subtle satire of the typical "sour grapes" sport fan (Feb. 7). He dragged out just about every tired, hackneyed cliche ever used as the last refuge of the true loser. You know the type comment I mean: the Redskins' schedule was weak, they cheated by fielding a good strike team, Joe Gibbs can only win the Super Bowl in strike years, the fans are bad sports; the list goes on and on.

In fact, this guy was so clever and convincing, he almost had me believing he was serious. David Siltman Gaithersburg

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