Jim Hage of Lanham thought he was in for a much easier time at yesterday's 27th annual George Washington's Birthday marathon in Greenbelt. But a late start and blustery winds made the 26.2-mile run much more difficult than Hage anticipated.

He still won, catching leader Paul Jessey at the 10-mile mark and cruising to victory with a time of 2:28:17. But he'll need to take off about 15 minutes from that time to make the Olympics.

"This was a training run for the Olympic trials in New Jersey in April," Hage said. "But it turned out a whole lot tougher than I expected, especially after that start."

When the race starter began the countdown, Hage still was inside the recreation center. "I had to bolt out the door to catch them. I know I must have lost 10 seconds."

After Hage caught Jessey at the 10-mile mark, the two runners paced each other for six miles through the rolling tree-lined course. At 16 miles, Hage began his kick and left Jessey back with the rest of the pack.

"I was going to try to get ahead a little in the beginning and then just pace it in, but Hage caught me at about the 10-mile point and eventually left me," said Jessey. "I'm satisified with my time {2:33:02} but Hage is just a great runner, it's hard to keep up with him."

In the women's run, Rose Malloy, a fourth-grade school teacher from Annapolis, broke the course record by more than eight minutes with a time of 2:53:29. Barbara Frech was second in 3:01:28.

"I think the wind and the hills really wear you down; the last couple of miles I was so cold," said Malloy. After running in the pack for more than 13 miles, Malloy picked up the pace, leaving the women's field behind to run with the men. After finishing just one minute behind her personal best -- 2:52 at the Marine Corps Marathon late last year -- Malloy, who just turned 39, says her future looks bright.

"Pretty soon I'll be 40, a masters runner and that won't be so bad. So see, people always say bad things about age, but there's a lot of good stuff to getting older," said Malloy with a laugh. LEADING FINISHERS Men

1, Jim Hage, Lanham, 2:28:17; 2, Paul Jessey, Alexandria, 2:33:02; 3, John McGrail, Arlington, 2:34:55; 4, Stephen Cottrell, Newark, Del., 2:41:00; 5, Jack Cleland, Silver Spring, 2:46:06; 6, Dennis Griffin, Westminister, Md., 2:46:28; 7, Bill Ruggero, Monmouth, N.J., 2:47:32; 8, Dennis Wanner, Lancaster, Pa. 2:48:31; 9, Marty Holleran, Milltown, N.J., 2:50:37; 10, John Ausherman, Chambersburg, Md., 2:51:06.

11, Roger Anderson, Fairfax, 2:52:42; 12, Bernie Gallagher, Rockville, 2:53:41; 13, Ronnie Wong, Baltimore, 2:54:18; 14, Juston Whittington, Washington, 2:55:34; 15, Tim Sponseller, Mercersburg, 2:56:55; 16, Richard Nickel, Lebanon, Pa., 2:57:34; 17, Bernie Davis, Lynchburg, Va., 2:57:35; 18, Hans Ulrich, Baltimore, 2:58:33; 19, Gregory Helbig, Morgantown, W. Va., 2:58:47, 20, Mark Baugh, Hyattsville, 2:58:57.

21, Craig Murphy, Camp Hill, Pa., 2:59:17; 22, Jon Thoren, Washington, 3:00:28; 23, Russell Arnot, Pittsburg, 3:00:48; 24, Bill Sved, Marquette, Michigan, 3:01:18; 25, Kenneth Fisher, St. Louis, 3:01:23; 26, Julian Ives, Monrovia, 3:04:30; 27, Kevin Frye, Brunswick, 3:04:59; 28, Donald Siefers, Broadfordwoods, Pa., 3:06:17; 29, Jose Carrasquillo, Washington, 3:06:23; 30, Dennis Taylor, Rio Rancho, N.M., 3:07:26.

31, Leo Villano, Silver Spring, 3:07:26; 32, Jim Porterfield, Gaithersburg, 3:08:18, 33, Bill Fischer, New York, 3:09:40; 34, Joe Wasserman, Columbia, 3:09:59; 35, Richard Wharff, Hanover, 3:11:14; 36, Andrew Buechele, Washington, 3:11:28; 37, Thomas Skelly, Arlington, 3:11:43; 38, James Rhoades, Clarion, Pa., 3:12:43; 39, Eric Schulze, Ashton, Md., 3:12:45; 40, David Powell, Arlington, 3:13:09.

41, Errol Yudelman, Alexandria, 3:14:25; 42, Bruce Guter, Franklin Park, N.J., 3:15:05; 43, Dale Jordan, Baltimore, 3:18:03; 44, Wiliam Schartz, Glen Arm, Md., 3:19:17; 45, Brian Stecher, Alexandria, 3:20:37; 46, Thomas Gallagher, Washington, 3:20:54, 47, Pete Earls, Seaford, Va., 3:21:04; 48, Floyd Sandlin, Bethesda, 3:21:11; 49, Enrique Guttierrez, Lynchburg, 3:21:35; 50, Gregory Stitz, Washington, 3:21:37. Women

1, Rose Malloy, Annapolis, 2:53:27; 2, Barbara Frech, Arlingotn, 3:01:28; 3, Lorraine Gersitz, Franklin Park, N.J., 3:09:58; 4, Lynn Ann Bridges, Cumberland, 3:40:21; 5, Sharon Mordorski, Roseville, Minn., 3:41:28; 6, Rosemary Jellish, Alexandria, 3:43:47; 7, Judith Flannery, Chevy Chase, 3:45:09; 8, Anna Berdahl, Silver Spring, 3:47:43; 9, Christine Ritchie, Chapel Hill, 3:47:48; 10, Mastaneh Zavar, Falls Church, 3:49:50; 11, Gertchen Hartung, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 3:58:57; 12, Lisa Goldberg, Silver Spring, 4:06:24; 13, Betty Sue, Alexandria, 4:11:58; 14, Elizabeth Dahlslien, Silver Spring, 4:21:49; 15, Gwen Cianflocco, Shakers Heights, Ohio, 4:24:38.