LOVINGTON, N.M., FEB. 14 -- Washington Redskins running back Tim Smith, who gained a record 204 yards in last month's Super Bowl, owes the state of New Mexico nearly $6,000 in delinquent child-support payments, according to Lea County court records. Smith had his Redskins wages attached by the state in October 1987 after he failed to make the court-ordered payments, records say.

The state, which currently is receiving $120 a month from Smith through the Redskins, also is attempting to increase Smith's child-support payments in light of his increased income. The original payments were ordered in 1983, according to court records.

Smith, from Hobbs, could not be reached for comment.

Court documents say state District Judge Patrick Francoeur of Lovington ordered Smith in August 1983 to pay $100 a month in child support after Smith, a former Hobbs High School all-America, admitted being the father of a Lovington woman's two daughters, born in 1982 and 1983.

The court allowed Smith, then a student at Texas Tech University, to let the child-support payments accumulate while he attended college.

Documents filed in September said Smith had made no payments to the state, nor any payment arrangements, and was delinquent $5,902.