EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J., FEB. 14 -- Leandra Reilly became the first woman to handle the television play-by-play of an NBA game today and thinks she did well enough to do it again.

"I thought it went very well," Reilly said after working the New Jersey Nets' 109-105 victory over Philadelphia for the SportsChannel cable network. "I was pleased with my performance. I don't think I did myself any damage and I might have done myself some good."

Reilly, 33, worked in place of regular Nets broadcaster Steve Albert, and was joined by analyst Bill Raftery for the broadcast, which went to a little more than 1 million homes in the New York area.

"The game was over a lot quicker than I thought it would be," Reilly said. "Personally I could have used two or three more quarters. I was kind of getting into it in the second half. If there was a third half or a fourth half I think I would have been quite good at it."

Reilly said she did make some mistakes on the broadcast, but she did not say what they were.

Once, she said a player was called for a "three-second lane" instead of a three-second violation.

"I don't think anything was that flagrant," Reilly said. "There are a couple of things I would like to change, but I do that every time I see a show that I do. I'll play a tape back or remember something and say 'Why did you say that?' "