The three-point shot is a popular success and, in all likelihood, the distance will remain at 19 feet 9 inches, according to Ed Steitz, secretary-editor of the NCAA men's basketball rules committee.

"The three-point field goal has surpassed our fondest expectations," Steitz told the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association in New York. "It has made the game of college basketball even greater."

In comparing 1987 figures with midseason statistics for 1988, Steitz said the average game last year produced seven successful shots out of 18.25 attempts for 38.4 percent accuracy. This year, teams are hitting 7.6 of 20.01 attempts, 38 percent. Three-point shots represent a greater percentage of all field goal attempts, up from 15.6 percent per game to 17.1.

"The rules committee will look at the distance when it meets at the Final Four in Kansas City (April 2-4), but if the shooting percent hasn't risen dramatically, and in this case it's gone down some, why change the distance?" said Steitz . . .

Janice Kruger has been named head women's volleyball coach at Maryland. Kruger, women's volleyball coach for the past nine years at Nebraska-Omaha, led that school to four final four NCAA Division II appearances and five North Central Conference championships.