CALGARY, FEB. 17 -- Myopic British ski jumper Eddy Edwards, dubbed "Fast Eddy" by the Canadian press, has been besieged by so many interview requests since cheerfully finishing last in Sunday's 70-meter competition that he says he is going into seclusion in order to prepare for Saturday's 90-meter competition.

"Our phone was ringing all last night," British Olympic Committee press officer Caroline Serle said. "We had two people working full time answering Eddy Edwards inquiries."

One of the requests Edwards is turning down is an invitation from Calgary Mayor Ralph Klein to a cocktail reception at city hall.

"EAGLE GROUNDED" screamed the headline in the Calgary Sun.

Nevertheless, Eddy Edwards Night will go on as scheduled Thursday at the Glenmore Inn, where the dancers have been named "the Eaglettes."

Confusion continued over the exit of four Romanians, with the Toronto Star reporting the three women speed skaters and their coach were ordered home after "all documentation necessary to claim refugee status in Canada" was found in a search of their rooms and luggage.

But International Olympic Committee officials said they knew nothing about whether a planned defection was the reason for the departure and Calgary organizers said they were not investigating.

Other reports -- including one in the New York Times today -- have said the athletes left because of an accident involving the wife of coach Adrian Ciobanu in Bucharest.

They look like the stars of "Ghostbusters" with a twist -- they wear chef's hats. And instead of ghost-killing goop, they dispense hot chocolate, coffee and beer.

The company is called Thirstenders and the corporate symbol is the word THIRST with a slash through it. The executives can be found walking around the venues and at McMahon Stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies, with backpacks containing five gallons of beverages that can be dispensed through a spiggot.

"We got tired of drinking a lot of flat beers," said Fred Ash, who with his brother William and friend Bill Richter came up with the idea.

The backpacks are designed to be easier to get up and down stadium steps, they carry twice as much as an average vendor's tray and they keep beverages hot or cold better because of insulation, Ash said.