The battle for last place in the Interhigh girls basketball league last night wasn't exactly a memorable struggle as Cardozo rolled over winless McKinley, 38-20, at Lincoln Junior High School.

Cardozo improved its record to 2-17, 2-10 in the Interhigh. The Trainers dropped to 0-20, 0-12.

Although Cardozo has only eight players on its varsity, it was indisputably the deeper team. The Trainers dressed only six.

"We had about 20 girls at the beginning of the season on the team, but half of them didn't have the grades and the rest of them didn't want to come to practice," said McKinley's senior cocaptain, Trinette Johnson.

The Trainers, who were beaten, 72-1, by H.D. Woodson, trailed at the end of the first quarter, 14-0, then came up with an offensive surge of sorts, scoring nine second-quarter points, the most for the Trainers in one period this season. At halftime, they trailed, 19-9.

"We actually thought we might win and everything would seem pretty good, but we just couldn't stop them," said cocaptain Sabrina Williamson. "We don't have any school support, but we sure try hard out here."

Cardozo pretty much scored at will in the third quarter in putting away the game.

"I thought that McKinley played much better than they did in the first game," said Cardozo Coach Robert Richards.

It's been turmoil all season for the Trainers. McKinley began the season with Steve Haynes as coach, but he quit after the 10th game.

"Coach Haynes couldn't get new uniforms or equipment from school administrators so he just quit," said Williamson. "Then Mr. {McKinley} Armstrong decided that he would coach us if we wanted to continue playing."

"I had a choice as to whether or not to let the program die this season or continue it," said Armstrong, who is the school's athletic director. "The girls wanted to continue to play and I didn't want to let them down since they've been practicing so hard."

The outlook for both teams next season looks bleak.

"Of the eight girls we have on our team, six of them are seniors," said Richards.

Lisa Honesty led Cardozo with 13 points yesterday. McKinley was paced by Dana Brooks, who scored a career-high seven points.