CALGARY, FEB. 19 -- Winds continue to plague the XV Winter Olympics. Ski jump officials said this afternoon they are postponing Saturday's 90-meter event and they rescheduled it for Monday.

It's the fifth event postponed in the Games' first week, but the chairman of the Calgary organizing committee said gusting winds of the last week "should not be blown out of proportion, pardon the pun."

"The winds are the only serious problem the Olympics have had so far," Frank King said at a news conference. "They usually come to southern Alberta for a day or two, and to have them since the opening ceremonies is most unusual."

He indicated there have been no discussions about extending the Games, but it could happen, particularly for the wind-plagued 90-meter ski jumping individual and team events.

"We will keep scheduling until the event is held," King said. "It would not be the first time in Winter Olympics that an event took place after the closing ceremonies."

Toe-to-Toe for the Gold

The competition for the men's figure skating gold medal comes down to a long-program skate-off Saturday night between the two best freestylers in the world, American Brian Boitano and Canadian Brian Orser.

"There's really no room between Brian Boitano and myself," Orser, the defending world champion, said. He trails Boitano, the 1986 world titlist, by a score of 2.0 factored places to 2.2.

Whoever of the two wins the long program, which counts 50 percent of the final score and breaks all ties, will take home the gold medal.

"We knew coming in here it would come down to a long program competition. We're ready for it," Orser said.

Boitano, 24, of Sunnyvale, Calif., has the maximum permitted eight triple jumps in his program, an impressionistic portrayal of a military leader skated to Carmine Coppola's music from the film "Napoleon." Orser, 26, has seven triples in his program, skated to music from "The Bolt." . . .

Olympic pin-trading has become an obsession. To get a handle on just how wild the commerce in the knick-knacks has grown, the Calgary Herald sent a reporter out with a handful of its Olympic pins, which show a skier gliding down the Herald flag with the Olympic logo on it, to see what he could get.

The tally: glasses and then pitchers of beer at a downtown pub; a pair of socks off a cabdriver; $7.12 worth of unleaded at a gas station; a ride in a hot-air balloon; two pink flamingo lawn fixtures; a broken skateboard, and a gimmick photo from a street vendor.

The Washington Post sent 150 pins to its reporters by express mail but so far they have brought nothing notable in trade. "Sorry," said one potential trade partner, "we want something with the Olympic rings on it." . . .

U.S. injuries continue. Chris Haslock of Highland, Mich., suffered a concussion today when he fell during practice for the freestyle skiing exhibition at Calgary Olympic Park.

Haslock was unconscious for about a minute and was carried by toboggan and then ambulance to Foothills Hospital for X-rays. Doctors said he apparently had no serious injury and might be able to compete.

No Go for Gault

U.S. bobsled officials said today football star Willie Gault definitely will not compete in this weekend's two-man competition.

The two U.S. teams will be Mike Aljoe and Brent Rushlaw in sled one and Jim Herberich and Matt Roy in sled two.