INGLEWOOD, CALIF., FEB. 20 -- Greg Foster and Tonie Campbell, two of America's top hurdlers, have added fire to their feud, which led to a warning by Campbell.

"It's gotten to a point where I'm not going to take it anymore," Campbell said.

Foster, who won the 60-meter hurdles in 7.54 seconds Friday night at the Los Angeles Times Indoor Games, told reporters that Campbell spiked him on the right knee while going over a hurdle.

Campbell's response:

"I guess he thinks his size is intimidating. I just hope he gets the message that I'm about to explode."

Foster maintained the problem is not as bad as sportswriters portray it, asking, "What feud? I think it's you guys that are blowing all this out of proportion.

"Personally I think it's funny. It's hilarious. I don't worry about it."

Of Campbell's comments, Foster said, "Action speaks louder than words. How can he say that I'm a bad sport? I'm not trying to be cocky, but it's a fact that I don't lose that often.

"I'm just sorry Tonie can't accept the fact that I'm ready to win every race I enter."

"The relationship between Greg and myself has deteriorated over the years," said Campbell who finished third in 7.60 behind Cletus Clark's 7.59.

They squabbled a couple of times last summer during the European tour, and once nearly came to blows, but were separated by hurdler Renaldo Nehemiah.