CALGARY, FEB. 22 -- The Polish hockey player barred from the Winter Olympics and banned from international competition for 18 months after drug tests said today, "I never took any kind of drugs; I don't even know what they look like."

Jaroslaw Morawiecki, who tested positive for high testosterone levels usually associated with steroid use, appeared at a news conference with the head of the Polish Olympic delegation and a team doctor. They all complained about poor security at the team's practice facility dressing room and said Morawiecki might have ingested a banned substance after a practice session.

"When a player comes from practice, they drink whatever is available," Morawiecki said. "They do not care where the drinks come from. It is the same during the warmup periods on game day. We were thirsty, we drank whatever was available at that time. . . . I don't feel victimized but I am a victim. I don't understand why it happened."

Zbigniew Glapa, the Polish delegation's mission chief, complained that the team's dressing room "was not guarded properly" and team doctor Jerzy Widuchowski said access to the locker room outside the Corral rink was fairly open. The doctor said open containers of drinks and "orange and lemon peels" were scattered around the room. "The situation was very abnormal," Widuchowski said. "Basically, it was a mess."

Officials of the Calgary Organizing Committee said today they were satisfied with security at the Corral.

"We do not use the word sabotage," Glapa said. "We accuse nobody. We seek for logical {ways} to find out how the drug entered the body of the player. . . . This is a nightmare for us. Now we see we should have taken more precautions." Ski Jump Again Postponed

Ski jumpers endured yet another postponement today -- the third one for the 90-meter individual event. It has been tentatively rescheduled for Tuesday.

Rob McCormack of Canada, the chief of competition, called it "psychological torture." He said nylon mesh screens that would cut the wind velocity near the exposed jumping towers by half would have cost about $50,000 when the suggestion was first made in 1986 . . . .

Despite winds that have wreaked havoc on the Olympic schedule, IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch says the Games will end Sunday, even if all events have not been staged.N. Korean IOC Member Fired

North Korea has decided to dismiss its member on the International Olympic Committee for "incompetent" sports diplomacy, according to The Dong-A Ilbo, a major national daily in Seoul. It reported that North Korean IOC member Kim Yun Sun is likely to be replaced by Chang Ung, secretary general of the North Korean Olympic Committee.

IOC and South Korean officials believe Kim is being held responsible for his "incompetent" handling of North Korea's efforts to become co-host of the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.