Joe Bugel, the Redskins assistant head coach who directs the offensive line, said yesterday he no longer is a candidate for the head coaching job of the Los Angeles Raiders. He becomes the second Redskins assistant, following offensive assistant Dan Henning, to be eliminated from consideration for the job in recent days.

The Associated Press reported from California that Raiders owner Al Davis had told Henning Saturday and Bugel later that they were no longer under consideration for the job. But that verdict, according to sources in the Redskins organization, came only after the two assistants told Davis they could not work under guidelines set by the Raiders' managing general partner.

Indications are that neither Bugel nor Henning wanted to coach in a situation where Davis retains considerable control over decisions normally made by the head coach, such as which players make the 45-man roster, which assistant coaches will remain on the staff and what offensive and defensive schemes will be used.

Yesterday, neither Henning nor Bugel would disclose many details.

"It's over," was all Henning would say.

"I went out there and talked with him. We had a very good conversation, but I'm staying here," Bugel said, declining further comment.

Bugel's elimination from consideration, reported by the Washington Times yesterday, came after he reportedly met in San Antonio Sunday with another Raiders official.

AP reported yesterday that Davis still was considering five NFL assistants to replace retired coach Tom Flores: Mike Shanahan, offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos; the San Francisco 49ers' Dennis Green; and Raiders coaches Charlie Sumner, Tom Walsh and Sam Gruneisen.