And NL club owners said: Let there be lights.

So by vote of 29-19, the Chicago City Council yesterday voted to allow the Cubs to play eight night games this season and 18 each season thereafter until 2002.

Since 1914 the Cubs have played at Wrigley Field, famous for its ivy-covered walls and daylight baseball. Neighborhood residents don't want night ball but the Tribune Co. and NL owners played hardball. The Tribune Co., which owns the Cubs, threatened to move the team elsewhere, and its subsidiary, the Chicago Tribune newspaper, editorialized for lights. And in West Palm Beach, Fla., major league club owners met just before the Chicago Council was to meet, awarding the 1990 All-Star Game -- to be played at night -- to Chicago, if the city council was to approve.

One longtime opponent of lights said the issue likely will go to court under city noise-control ordinances . . .

Maynard Clarke's no-hiiter enabled Howard University to beat North Carolina A&T, 10-0, in the second round of the MEAC round-robin tournament at Daytona Beach, Fla. He struck out four and walked two as the Bison improved their record to 5-0, all in league play.