Doug Williams, the Washington Redskins quarterback, still walks with a slight limp and said last night he'll see a doctor this week to determine if arthroscopic surgery is needed.

Williams, who injured his left knee less than a month ago in Super Bowl XXII, visited one of the Redskins' physicians, Charles Jackson, on Friday. Jackson told him -- at the very least -- Williams probably needs fluid flushed from the knee. Just to be certain, Williams has an appointment with an old friend -- Dr. James Andrews -- who worked on his knees when Williams was a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

"It might {need arthroscopic surgery}," Williams said before last night's Touchdown Club's Awards dinner where he was presented with Super Bowl MVP award. "But it might just be a total rehab situation, where I just rest it. Whatever's best for me . . . By the time the season rolls around, it'll be all right."

Williams said not to worry about the limp. "I always limp," he said. "That's my walk. Listen, I'm not concerned, because I know a guy who played 12 years with braces {on his knees}. His name is Joe Namath. And Dan Marino came in {to the NFL} with a bad knee."

Williams wore a knee brace last season, and he said he'll wear one this coming season.

Williams figures the Redskins front office eventually will come to him to renegotiate his 1988 contract, currently set at $550,000. He said he spoke with Coach Joe Gibbs Friday about the approaching mini-camp, but salary has never come up.

"They haven't {brought it up}, and I can understand why," Williams said last night. "They've got a lot of things on their mind now. First of all, the draft is coming up, the {college} all-star games have just finished. {General Manager} Bobby Beathard and the rest of the guys are looking over talent. At this point, I'm under contract, so it doesn't concern me."

Another Redskins quarterback -- Jay Schroeder -- was all smiles at the awards dinner. He said that he hasn't asked to be traded and hasn't heard anything to indicate the Redskins want to get rid of him, despite some rumors.

"Hey, this is the time of year {for rumors}," he said. "You'll hear that coaches are going different places and that all kinds of players are going different places. Who knows? Nobody's said anything to me."

The rumors probably got started when Schroeder skipped the Redskins' visit to the White House just after the Super Bowl, but Schroeder said he had planned all along to stay in California after the Super Bowl. His family is in the Southern California area.

Denver's John Elway -- the Super Bowl loser -- attended last night's dinner, as did the Bears' Jim McMahon, who recently had a second shoulder operation. Elway said he still "gets a rotten feeling" when he thinks about Super Bowl XXII, while McMahon appeared to be his old chipper self last night, wearing shades and a tuxedo, coupled with a pink cummerbund and pink Reeboks, not to mention what looked like a tie-dyed dress shirt.