Mike Shanahan, Denver Broncos' offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, will be introduced as head coach of the Raiders today, both the Los Angeles Times and the rival Los Angeles Herald Examiner reported.

A news conference is scheduled at a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport, scene of a series of cloak-and-dagger arrivals and departures over the past two weeks, as the Times put it, in Al Davis' hunt to replace Tom Flores, who retired Jan. 20 after the club's worst season (5-10) in 25 years.

Shanahan, Washington Redskins assistants Dan Henning, Joe Bugel and Jerry Rhome (he now of the San Diego Chargers staff), and San Francisco 49ers assistant Dennis Green all passed through for extensive talks with Davis in recent days. Rhome said Davis "had spent 2 1/2 weeks with one guy -- Joe Bugel -- and that didn't work out. And all of a sudden it was three days with me . . ."

Shanahan, who turns 36 on Aug. 24, will be the NFL's youngest head coach, beating the Chargers' Al Saunders by 5 1/2 years. But he won't be the youngest head coach the Raiders ever hired. There were John Madden, 33, in '69 -- and Davis, 33, in '63.

There was no official announcement, but Reeves indicated to Denver reporters it was a fait accompli. Shanahan was with the Broncos four years after four years at the University of Florida, where he was offensive coordinator when the Gators set an NCAA record of 4,540 total yards in '83. A former Eastern Illinois quarterback, he has never been a head coach -- but, then, neither had Madden or Davis . . .

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Danny White, 36, again is thinking out loud of retiring. His chronically bad right wrist, he said "is fine {although} I'll never be able to bend it. It's not a physical question. It's more a psychological question. It's just a kind of beating you take off the field . . . something I've grown kind of tired of."