LONDON, MARCH 2 -- Eddy (The Eagle) Edwards, the British ski jumper who became the Winter Olympics' favorite loser, flew home Tuesday, saying he won't let failure go to his head.

Arriving from Calgary with the rest of the British team, Edwards got off the plane last -- a position he became familiar with during the Olympics.

Surrounded by policemen, he emerged from a crowd of media and flower-throwing fans to declare himself surprised at the attention he got.

"I'm going to try not to let it get in the way," he said. "Nothing's going to change."

Edwards, who touched the British fondness for underdogs by finishing last in his two ski jumping events, arrived at Heathrow Airport with the 100-strong British team, some wearing "Eddy The Eagle" sweatshirts.

"I've made it, I've made it to the Olympics," the 24-year-old plasterer said. "That's all I cared about."

Edwards, whose unathletic appearance is enhanced by his thick glasses, endeared himself to spectators in Calgary with his bemused clumsiness and weakness of form.

He came home to all the trappings of fame: TV talk shows, a record contract and a gala reception Thursday in Cheltenham, his hometown 90 miles from London.

Edwards has signed up an agent, London music promoter Simon Platz, who told a British TV interviewer the Eagle would cut a record Wednesday.

"He says he can sing, and that's good enough for me," said Platz.

He is also negotiating a deal to endorse a brand of vodka.

"It's great to actually have somebody who's prepared to have a smile at themselves -- and keep on coming last. That's very important," Phil Staniforth, the vodka company representative, told an interviewer.

Edwards said he would continue to train to ski jump, with his myopic eyes on the next Olympics.