Most of the 7,200 fans who showed up at Arco Arena in Sacramento, Calif., Saturday night to watch an Arena Football game between the Pittsburgh Gladiators and Chicago Bruisers came for a battle on the field. They got one, but not the kind they expected. Three minutes into the first quarter, an on-field brawl began, and by the time it ended league commissioner Jim Foster and Pittsburgh Coach Jim Haering had come to blows. It all started when Chicago quarterback Ben Bennett completed a short sideline pass to wide receiver Reggie Smith, who was hit hard along the sideline wall by a Pittsburgh defender. Bennett became incensed and went after the player. Both benches emptied and a 10-minute fracas ensued. Foster walked onto the playing surface to meet with referee Jack Baker and Haering in order to, in Foster's words, "try and get the referee and the coaches to the sideline, restore order and get the game going again." Haering charged the commissioner and punched him three times in the head. "Joe became incensed," Foster said. "He thought I was trying to {hurt} Pittsburgh by deciding not to throw Bennett out of the game. The referee and I decided that everyone on both sides was guilty and that the best thing to do to get the game started again was to have offsetting penalties on both sides." Foster said he was not seriously hurt and he was concerned about Haering's future with the league. Haering's actions earned him an indefinite suspension -- a punishment administered by Ray Jauch, the league's director of player personnel. "This is unfortunate for Joe and his career" Foster said. "I thought of the time {late Ohio State Coach} Woody Hayes punched a player {Clemson's Charlie Bauman at the 1978 Gator Bowl} and what happened to him afterward." Hayes resigned after the 1978 season, ending a legendary career in which he won 205 games in 28 seasons. While Haering is nowhere close to achieving the legendary status Hayes earned, his coaching career in Arena Football may be in jeopardy. Jauch has interviewed Foster about the incident and will likely do the same with Haering. Jauch, who was not available for comment, is expected to make a decision regarding Haering's status shortly.