IRVING, TEX., MAY 24 -- The NFL will examine the financial structure of the San Francisco 49ers at a hearing in mid-June to determine if it gives the Super Bowl champions an unfair edge, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said today.

The team in 1988 became a subsidiary of the DeBartolo Corp., which also owns shopping malls, race tracks and real estate. There has been a question of whether the corporation gives the 49ers a financial advantage over other teams in signing players.

Tagliabue said his personal opinion is "that it's doubtful that it does. It {the corporation} wasn't formed until Sept. 30, 1988, and that was after the 49ers had won two Super Bowls with a quarterback named Joe Montana and a coach named Bill Walsh. I'm skeptical that it has produced a competitive advantage to the 49ers."

However, the hearing will be held in Tagliabue's office because of concerns by some owners. "The league put in a policy many years ago that an NFL team should be owned only by companies in football," Tagliabue said.

The commissioner has the power to levy a fine of as much as $500,000 on team found in violation of the policy, and take away draft choices.

Tagliabue hinted that wasn't likely in the 49ers' case. "I don't have as hysterical view of the subject like some people do," he said. "I'm doubtful that the 49ers' situation is anticompetitive."

Ownership policy was one of the final issues discussed as the owners ended their annual spring business meeting. No date has been set for the hearing.

On other topics, Tagliabue introduced the league's new drug-abuse consultants. They are John Lombardo, whose specialty is steroids and peformance enhancement drugs, and Lawrence S. Brown, who is an adviser on street drugs.

There was also a report on the NFL's relationship with colleges, discussions with the broadcast committee on how to get games down to three hours, and a report on celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Super Bowl.

The owners did not get into expansion talk. Tagliabue reiterated he did not anticipate expansion prior to the 1993 season. "We had other things that were a higher priority," he said.