ARLINGTON, TEX., MAY 25 -- The Baltimore Orioles announced today they plan to play their 1991 spring training home games at various sites on Florida's west coast. The move means the Orioles will not be playing home games in Miami for the first time since 1959.

It also means the club will be able to keep its preseason operations in the Sarasota area for all six weeks of spring training. For the past two seasons it has begun spring training at a multi-field complex in Sarasota called Twin Lakes Park and then moved to Miami when the exhibition season began. They cannot play games at Twin Lakes Park because it does not have a stadium, and Bobby Maduro Miami Stadium's facilities are limited to one full field, an infield practice diamond and several batting cages.

Although their 1991 exhibition schedule is not yet complete, the Orioles are setting "home" games for Smith Stadium in Sarasota, where the Chicago White Sox play, and McKechnie Field in Bradenton, where the Pittsburgh Pirates play.

This arrangement is supposed to last for just one year, club president Larry Lucchino told the Baltimore Sun. Manager Frank Robinson said "bouncing around wouldn't be the thing we'd want to do long-term."

The Orioles are interested in moving permanently to Naples, Fla., in the southern portion of the state's west coast. County officials are scheduled to decide Tuesday whether to put a tax on tourist accommodations on the ballot. If approved, a portion of the proceeds would be used to finance a baseball training complex. Formal Complaint

The Orioles have filed a complaint with the AL office claiming a Chicago White Sox coach positioned near the dugout was stealing signs and using a two-way radio to relay information to the dugout.

A coach with a walkie-talkie is allowed to suggest defensive positioning; the Orioles said he did all his talking while the White Sox were hitting. . . .

Outfielder Phil Bradley, back in the lineup tonight after sitting out since Monday night, said he had a cortisone shot in his left wrist Tuesday night. But he said he could have played that night and the next two.

Bradley began the season with a 10-game hitting streak, but has batted .204 since.