MINNEAPOLIS, MAY 29 -- American League President Bobby Brown is reviewing the circumstances surrounding Baltimore Orioles Manager Frank Robinson's ejection from Monday's game against the Minnesota Twins by home plate umpire Drew Coble, and may issue a response as soon as Wednesday.

Brown received the umpiring crew's report today and asked for videotape of the incident, but the tape will not be available until Wednesday, league spokeswoman Phyllis Merhige said. Merhige said she did not think Brown would take any action at least until he had seen the tape.

Robinson would seem to be assured of a fine and could be a candidate for suspension since he and Coble exchanged bumps and he said Coble was "a no-good human being," "a liar" and "prejudiced" against him.

Merhige said Brown's predecessor, Lee MacPhail, had taken action against league personnel who had "questioned the integrity of umpires."

Robinson said today he expects a fine, but not a suspension.

"I'll get a letter," he said. "I'll get fined, there's no doubt about that. They aren't going to let it go by the wayside. . . . I don't know why I'd get suspended. I don't think I did anything to get suspended. I didn't push him {Coble}. I didn't intentionally bump him. I didn't say any of the magic words" that would result in suspension.

But Robinson also said "the league office doesn't look kindly on you saying" the kinds of things he said about Coble.

And after Monday's game Coble pointed out that Robinson "made contact with me."

Whatever happens, Robinson said his long-term concern is his ability to deal with Coble in the future.

"I still don't think I can go out there and have a discussion with him and not have it develop into an argument," he said. "Maybe I'm wrong, but that's just the way I feel." Walking, Yes, Indeed

Orioles batters went into tonight's game leading the major leagues with 211 walks. They had drawn 33 walks in their previous four games.

First baseman Randy Milligan led the major leagues with 44 walks. Although he was batting .215, he had a .412 on-base percentage (fifth in the AL). Shortstop Cal Ripken was tied for third in the majors with 33 walks. His on-base percentage was .347, but he had just three hits in his previous 37 at-bats, dropping his batting average to a season-low .211.

"People are going to say we're not being aggressive enough," hitting coach Tom McCraw said. "I don't buy it. You have to have men on base."

He said the Orioles do need to expand the strike zone in certain situations, but as a general rule "you don't hit the ball and you don't get any men on base." Changing Rotation

Robinson said he does not think pitcher Jay Tibbs, in Birmingham with his ill father, will pitch during this weekend's three-game series against the Yankees in New York.

Even if Tibbs were to rejoin the club in time for the series, Robinson said he thinks he'd want Tibbs to "throw once or twice on the side before pitching in a game."

Because the club is idle Thursday, Tibbs's continued absence should not cause a problem -- like the one it faced tonight, when Bob Milacki started on two days' rest -- until the second game of a four-game series against the Brewers next week in Milwaukee . . .

Second baseman Bill Ripken, who has stiffness in his lower back, was not in the starting lineup tonight for a second consecutive game. Robinson said he is being cautious about Ripken playing on artificial turf with the problem, but Ripken could be used as a substitute and may start on Wednesday because of Thursday's off day.